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Christmas Card 2015 and A Cut-out TARDIS

Monday, December 14, 2015

We've always done our own Christmas Card – usually Nan. This year we asked our oldest – Caron Sisko – to do one for us. She used a character from her latest kids book project.

For Other People's Art: three recent acquisitions – all pottery. Perhaps we need an intervention…

http://www.johngazurianpottery.com   We stumbled on a small Christmas fail locally. We got this from a potter from Baltimore – John Gazyruan. His web site is above – linked. He does some great work, both wood and gas fired. This piece is wood fired and about eight inches across. Nan't always looking for original little platters. His Etsy store link:   https://www.etsy.com/shop/jgpottery

An empty shop in town is being used this year to sell art to try and raise money for the new Havre de Grace Opera House – the ex fire station being expanded and renovated. After Nan's birthday dinner at The Vineyard Restaurant, where we finished off a whole bottle of wine, we decided it would be best to walk around town for a while.

     In the Christmas gallery we found this piece, about 5 inches tall, by Jerry Buczacky, also local. It was just so odd that we had to get it, besiedes it supports the Opera House. By the way I donated a couple of pieces. Jerry is a member of Arts By The Bay Gallery in town here. http://www.artsbythebaygallery.com

At about 5 inches, this little pear is precious. Paul Lyon let me pick out a small piece as down-payment for helping him bet his Etsy stie launched. He won't be available for the finishing touches until mid-January, but it was nice to get this little "retainer" fee. Nan immediately laid claim to it.

     It's one of Paul's "saggar fired" pieces and has a cherry stem attached at the top – the wood from a tree in their yard. Cool. Paul Lyon on Instagram (to which he posts regularly)  https://www.instagram.com/lyonclay/  The Etsy address that WILL be up:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/lyonclaystudio  Paul also has work in RiverView Gallery in Havre de Grace here where Nan and I both have pieces hanging.

AND FOR FUN – It's only about 3.5 inches tall, and made from folded and glue-sticked card stock paper, but it was fun to put together. All you need is scissors, glue stick and the imagination of an eight year old.

     A friend sent me the link to where BBC has the file and instructions (not needed). I printed up a half dozen and put together two – the rest I'll give to kids in the family, whatever their age. I really doubt if BBC would mind me simply putting the PDF up here for anyone who's interested to get. Simply click on TARDIS… Looking forward to the Doctor Who Christmas Day special!!!!!!!!!!!!!