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Nan Craig Art Puzzle – Wow

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A funny thing happened on my way to update Nan's web site. We as a team had just finished assembling one of those wood jigsaw puzzles that are so difficult – it was a gift – Van Gogh's Starry Night. I quickly made the connection, realizing that a number of them would make fantastic custom wood puzzles.

 After a couple hours of research – prices run from just above reasonable to three or more dollars per piece (yikes) – I picked a source, selected a painting and ordered her two. OK, it's not cheap, and she'll have to charge well over a hundred dollars for one. But we're covered because they'll make fantastic birthday and Christmas presents! And a small number may even sell – they ARE stunning! Solving the family gift problem for this year early, creating at least some potential income to help finance our art and at the same time having a heck of a lot of fun. What could be better. I expect there to be at least four of these by the end of the year.

          • Size assembled: 13.75x17.25  • Pieces: 485 of the most evillly difficult looking puzzle I have ever seen

          • Info: hardwood plywood base, each piece different, includes 15-20% "whimsy" pieces

          • Nan will sign the front of each box            

          • Price she has to charge: $175

          • Nan's web site – then click on Puzzle page:  nancraigart.com

Anyone wants more information on how they can do this, I'll be glat to answer questions. Email me.

     Nan selected a total of ten of her favorite paintings as candidates. This way I can poste a number of choices on her site. Of course the first thing we will do is call the girls and tell them to choose their favorites for this year's birthdays. I had to make sure I could create the puzzle-ready files. Tell me I'm not piling up a few brownie points.

     Below I'm posting an image of the painting itself along with a shot of the packaging and a close-up of packaging and a few of the pieces.

Nan's first statement on seeing the puzzle was that this will be the "ultimate revenge" for the one our eldest gave us.

    For myself, I'm planning on sending in an order for a slightly smaller puzzle version of one of my recent local shots – platinum toned. It should make a pretty tricky puzzle and the toning warms up the image some, getting at least a tad away from that stark B&W look that I love so much. In fact, I've been experimenting on printing versions of my local scenes toned platinum. It's subtle, warm toned and seems to work well at least on the scenes of Harford County, if not much else (I'll post a picture of that puzzle and box as soon as I receive it).

Nifty computer tip - Batch Rename

     I like to show fellow artists how easy it is to batch rename image files for handy storage. Until now I've recommended a little piece of freeware called NameChanger. Well, I just realized that the new version of Mac OS-X has that ability built into the system, complete with numbering. And it's easy. Simply select all items that you wish to rename and right click – one of the choices is Rename… Then simply fill in your parameters. How slick is that. I can't wait to show a potter I know who has to work with huge numbers of images right now but is struggling.

Color Screensaver

     In spite of the fact that I use a version of this at home, I get bored easily every time I start putting the file together. That and the fact that so far there has been no interest expressed whatsoeve keeps me putting it off. Maybe someday.