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We Got Chair Annegarn Chair Ladies

Friday, May 1, 2015

Blind Date, Church Lady, Life Goes On, Lady in Waiting… Boy did I get lucky. Maria is a member of the same Gallery where we show in town here. And April is renewal month – that means we are all staking our claims for Saturday gallery sitting. This is just one of the requirements. As soon as I heard that Maria, for personal reasons, will be unable to schedule Saturdays and would swap pieces in exchange for covering for her, I jumped on it. We acquired the two pieces on the top shelf a while back. The two on the bottom, are what I consider more than adequate compensation for a couple of Saturday afternoons at the Gallery. Heck, I can always take some work or reading with me.

 I call them my Chair Ladies, for lack of anything better, in spite of the fact that one is a man. Like a lot of pieces I get, Nan immediately absconds with them. Then I have to either go looking around the house or ask where she decided they belong. Then again, I don't ever have to angst over just where a new piece should go. By the way, three of these are in two pieces while the first one also has a separate purse. Cool.

More Annegarn work can be seen at RiverView Gallery in Havre de Grace. The Chair Ladies, pretty much her smallest work, are pretty much wiped out right now, but she always has some wonderfully original pieces to show.