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MoeVarua, a Cuaranto and some miscellaneous notes

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

In response to a request, a picture of my sweetie sporting what she calls her "humidity frizz” – SUNDAY notes: Attended a Cuaranto with Maruka and Dennis. This a major feed with an open invitation. Of course you couldn't do this at home – half a million people could show up. Some of these are relatively private, although no one is turned away. In fact, many bring bags and large bowls, collecting food for later at home. It's all good and OK. This one felt more like a major holiday affair, Maruka said the town town helped out.

     You can see from the line – we were about in the middle and waited almost an hour – how many people were being fed. But it was fun, everyone was friendly, talking, asking questions, etc. At least three cows must have been "cut up". I put it that way because there's no such thing as a cut of beef. They may have used a saw, but for all intents and purposes they might as well have taken a machete to everything. Big chunks are wrapped in foil, wrapped in banana leaves, burried over heated rocks along with camote (sweet potato) and whatever else needs cooking. A few hours later everything is done and amazingly tender. Pictures below.

MoeVarua Helga's long running little Island magazine that is handed out free on the plane and elsewhere: It finally has it's own site. Only the last 15 issues are posted, but maybe more back issues will follow. Even though the site is in Spanish – MoeVarua magazines are in both English and Spanish. On the site, just click on the magazine(s).

Site Link: http://www.moevarua.com 

     I can't resist posting a quick shot of Petra's little three-wheeled vehicle, below. I swear my push lawnmower has a bigger engine. I'm pretty small and don't think I could get in little one man thingie. Petra is a young German woman who lives on the Island and makes, in her home, natural soap and beauty products, among other things. I still have a hard time believing this thing gets up her impassable driveway. She’s known Rapanui to simply pick it up and move it across the street when it’s in their way.

OK – a couple of phone-grab shots from the Curanto:

     The line ahead. For some reason here it's no big deal. The couple is Maruka's sister and her Moldavian husband Ruslan. Yes, he's a big boy.

     The plate is mine. We brought our own plates, forks, etc. (we have used banana leaves and fingers in the past). Nan made the coleslaw for our group. That's a large chunk of sweet potato and a banana woth the meat. As I went through someone tried to hand me a whole cabbage. Check how many trays of wrapped meat and sweet potato were still to be emptied.

     The shortage of kids in line is explained by the fact that anyone with kids was ushered in first – maybe we should have borrowed one.

     Music was provided by the groupo in the last picture.