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Wave Watching and other pleasant pastimes

Monday, October 10, 2016

Wave-watching is something we do occasionally – if only for a half hour or so. The main reason we don't bring a snack and make a longer stay of it is the wind – get on the coast and it howls. Nan can only take so much before she has to give up and head for cover. This is our favorite spot for this, right outside of Hanga Piko. Nan wants to do miniature wave painting, so we were firing away. And yes, it was this blue early in the afternoon.

     Earlier we ran into Mokomae, the fellow who did our tattoos and is featured in this picture in the book – he wants to do a photo shoot at dusk with a small bonfire and him twirling a fire-stick, in a specific spot on the south coast. I didn't tell him that this kind of thing has to be done when the light is just right, a ten to twenty minute window just after sun goes down. Didn't want to dampen his hopes. All I got to say is that I had better make sure we're both ready – Update: neither the weather nor timing cooperated. Did not get done.

Petra, the German woman who drives that little three-wheeled one-woman vehicle pictured in the last posting was showing some of her home-made products at a sort of outdoor fair at the cultural center. Here she is, along with a shot of some Marmelada de Nisperos she put into old baby-food jars. Tastes sort of like apricots on steroids.

     A lot of what she makes are soaps, health care products, etc. She also hates having her picture taken, but I managed to shoot one anyway, she's the younger one on the right. Oh, check out the little converted-roof miniature van this couple were selling food from on the street. Next time we see it we want to eat there…

A visit to Roberto's grave was a little surprising. Two years later his headdress,scarf and a couple of little momentos were still there. Cool.

Check out the end of carved guitar neck below – Nan took a close-up for me: