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Easter Island Project – Finalizing a Decade of Work

Monday, November 28, 2016

It's been a couple of weeks since my last posting – with a number of reasons. Before I get into that, I should mention that I've been struggling with the completely NEW blogging system designed into the web authoring software I'm using. I think I'm finally getting a handle on it – have you ever noticed that some things designed to make things easier have a not so easy learning curve?

     I transferred the last few postings – from this trip – to the new system. Postings from the old system can be accessed through the "archive links" below/left. The nifty new automated links to recent postings appear on the home page. 

The Image above

After we left Terry was hanging around at Mikafé, the little coffee shop, ice cream parlor at Hanga Roa O Tai. The girls told her to take a shot from the open patio to show us the colors. Out of the nine weeks we had there, less than nine days were this nice. Now, nothing but sunshine. I joked with everyone before we left that we were taking the bad weather with us. The icing on the cake that is this scene is the giant sea turtles (hone) swimming among the boats and surfacing occasionally. This to my shot below of the same scene – on one of the better days while we were there. High wind, choppy water, threatening rain, downright chilly. The good side of that is that the shooting end of the project is wrapped up, we had jackets and rain gear with us and Mikafé serves a killer little Cortado (sort of like a latté.

New Blog System

This new blogging environment is better in a number of ways, but has its limitations. I was actually doing it all manually, lots of extra work but I could arrange a page any way I wished. All that is gone, no more arranging pages to fit. But hey, things change.

Dave DeRan Open House

I used to take notices like this and move them to the top – not any more. Here’s a shot of the invitation – this one is always worth attending. We usually make about half. This time we have family coming up to make up for Thanksgiving that we missed due to being stuck at home with colds and killer sinus infections and a fear of goving it to others. As artists’ open houses / open studios go, Dave’s are some of the more interesting – and Roxanne puts on a great spread too. AND I challenge anyone to get out of there without a great acquisition – the curious or adventurous can check out my Other People’s Art section for entries that mention DeRan shows, HERE.

My Easter Island Project

Where to from here – was a question I needed to answer with this trip. The Easter Island (Rapa Nui) that I set out to cover in 2006 is not the Easter Island of today. By 2010 it was already changing, with maybe the last vestiges hanging on in 2014. As far as the camera is concerned, it’s a new island. I was lucky to catch this wonderful little island at its photogenic peak – and even that was a real challenge. Sure, there could still be some great shots to be taken, especially around Tapati Rapanui in February. But a number of factors have brought the end of an era. In order to keep it short I’ll stop here and make the next posting, along with a couple of pictures, a substantial list of changes; some positive, some seemingly negative but all simply different.