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Cold, Windy and Still Glad to be Here

Thursday, September 29, 2016

SETTLED IN – Now that's a BLT one-slice tomato!  Way to far into Spring for this cold wind. It seems the wind from the south picks up the cold from the melting ice in the antarctic that is being carried north on currents. Whatever it is, the sun can be hot but the wind biting. One of those warming anomalies.

     Terry left with the dog so it's Nan, myself and one cat. And she's half feral so it's not really safe to try and pet her (the cat, not Nan). The dollar/peso exchange rate might be really good right now, but price rises more than make up for it. One example: a roast chicken at home runs $5, here right now it's 10,000 pesos. That makes it $15, up from about $10 last trip. But hey, it's all good.

     The picture at the top is Nan picking out some large tomatoes from the back of a pickup this morning at the open market. We found some wheat bread, lettuce, tomatoes and Terry left some bacon behind. BLT Americanos coming up. Interesting that in 2006/7 we could only find one local produce grower marketing zuchini, and that seldom. Now it's everywhere – and for some reason it's even tastier here.

     I had planned something of a posting every other day but it takes a full hour to upload the changes from here this trip – now gonna try and make it twice a week. And we keep hearing about some sort of "Park Permit" we need to roam about in some of the places we want to go – will be checking on that tomorrow. Man are thing getting different from 2006.

     We've found a number of the people we're hunting for – things change, places close, etc. between visits. We've also eaten out a number of times already – Japanese Restaurant entrance is the subject of this image. Nice BUT with the prices it's not likely we will return. Cafe Makona is still there, Alejandra cooking. Our favorite hangout.

     Another spot we like to go down by the water (below) – for the more inexpensive meal – has Quesso/Tomato empanadas. We've eaten so many empanadas here that we almost can't eat another, except for these. And empanadas are the cheapest eat-out food on the island. Alos good to find our favorite bakery still open – rolls almost as good as Panera baguettes.

     We cruised up to the town cultural center, a series of small buildings on the coast to hear a professor of music and opera singer – Soprano – from the mainland give a talk in spanish about putting together a choral group on the island. Then she sang – interesting to sit that close to someone with a voice that nice sing an aria.

     Outside the center I spotted the large carving on the right – can't figure out why neither Nan or Terry would pose withit for me. Must be something I said……

     The final image is another restaurant shot – Taku Vave – out by Hanga Piko, you can see it has a great view of the sea, has some really good food, but horrendous portions. This is the one that looks right up under landing planes. You can see the people eating outside bundled up – we stayed in out of the wind. Wondering when it is going to shift and bring in the warm, balmy air we're used to here.

     Our restaurant binge is probably over, at least until Terry returns in about six weeks. 

ps- Software I use has a whole new blogging system but no way I could make the changes and institute it from here. That will have to wait. Heck, we had to "watch" the debate by reading the text as it was transcribed.