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Rano Raraku Vaka Ama Race

Jan 30, 2017

The first leg of the Tapati Rapanui "triathlon" is rowing a reed canoe that one has made oneself across the lake in Rano Raraku, a volcanic crater. If that isn't tiring enough, each contestant will then hang 44 pounds of bananas around his neck and run barefoot completely around the lake, only to then drop the bananas and pick up a reed pora, weighing about the same as the bananas, carry it half way around the lake, and then retrace the path of the opening canoe race swimming and using the reed pora as a floatation device.

There were reeds growing up the side of the lake where they were coming in for their landing, so I shot this through them. Another shot that day, the leader (also the leader here) as he nears the end of the second leg, is the one I call Banana Run. The reason I held off on printing this one is that my Vaka Ama, taken of the race from out at sea into Hanga Roa in the rain, is one of my favorites, in spite of the fact that it really only works viewed full size. Either one is like a window into the past. Interestingly, while Vaka Ama, in my view, works better as a large print, this one seems to work smaller and here. In fact it prints slightly smaller at 12x16 instead or my "normal" 15x20.


Fix-its – After about forty hours of converting manually-made blog entires to the new automated blogging system, and three more days dealing with a bug in the software where I had the honor of being the one to step on that landmine first, I'm back to finishing up on the Easter Island folio. Never did I imagine I'd wind up with a hundred and fifty or so B&W images/prints from one project.

What next – There's this one today and then, I think, a couple more. After a decade of this project being my primary focus, I'll have to find something new – I'm open to suggestions.

Catalog PDF – At the same time, I'm updating the Exhibit Catalog PDF. This is partly for my own use, I can carry it on my iPad. The images link to the larger view pages on the site. And I post it on the first Easter Island folio page and downloads page to be used for convenient selection of images for exhibit.

Book PDF Expanded – I'll be finishing that up by next month. The original 98 plus about 52 additional images. This will require rounding out short anecdotes for all of them.

Minor issue – As far as the back blog postings, I found that converting the older postings from old iWeb files often eliminated spaces between words in the text. I'm slowly re-reading and fixing that. It doesn't make anything unreadable, but it should still be fixed.

QUICK TIP – Camera Cards

Ran accross some memory-card tips that everyone should take note of. The short of it is that there are a number of things that one should always or never do with memory cards, for example:

Don't erase images while the card is in the camera, don't fill the card completely and don't purchase cheapie off-brand cards. Do format your cards in the camera - not the computer, do this before each new shoot and use a good brand card reader.

The new one for me was the warning about card readers. It seems that using cheapo card readers is a major cause of losing images to a fried card. Complete explanations are found here: