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Zipper Spider and Notes

Oct 2, 2017

I do realize that I call this a site/blog for my B&W photography. But, like with the bluebird shots a couple of weeks back, I occasionally aim my camera at something that needs to be seen in color. This is Nan’s new pet Garden or Zipper Spider. She’s a tad on the large size – this shot is full frame, uncropped, shot with my new iPhone 8. At full resolution it is awesomely sharp. The new iPhone camera has an F1.8 aperture, so shoots in lower light. And there are plenty of third party camera apps out there that give you complete control over shutter speed, ISO and even what format your images come it. Some even shoot RAW. The only real drawback is that the iPhone camera does not have an adjustable aperture – 1.8 (or 2.2 on an older model) is what you get, period. There is no way to increase the depth of field by closing down and shooting slower. Hence no way to get absolutely everyting on this spider in focus. But then what do I want, it’s a freaking phone, and a heck of a lot of fun to shoot.

"More Images from Easter Island"

I am impatiently awating delivery of my book order from Bay Photo. At which time I will introduce the book and post my Review: Bay Photo vs MixBook vs MyPublisher (now defunct). I realize that I’ve already pretty much trashed results from MixBook, but I feel it only fair to to a direct comparison. Soon…

Camera Notes

1– Check outr my new spot-shutter-release. They screw into the cable release mount in the shutter release, and assist in holding down vibrations while shooting. Red buttons are in right now but I saw the little “moko” as they are called in Rapanui, or lizard, on it and went a more subtle route. My “moko-button release”. Also thinking about getting an extension tube for the occasional macro shot with the X-T2 (below):

2– also When I updated my iPhone to the new IOS, I lost six of my dozen camera apps – including one of my favorites. They simply opted not to update them for the new IOS. Bummer. I replaced by go-to app with my Camera+ app, a really nice one cam app shoots RAW plus JPG and has a nifty way to do close-ups that lets you lock focus all the way in and then just move the phone into place. Cool. Then I picked up on a couple of new apps that I haven’t had a chance to try out yet – one, Cortex Cam, does one thing only. It enables very low light shooting by shooting anywhere from 6 to 100 exposures and them combining them to bring out a well-lit picture. Even moving the phone/camera a little doesn’t hurt because it will work to line up the various images perfectly. I really can’t wait to try this baby out!

A week of trauma

I won’t bother to bore everyone with our Comcast / ATT horror stories – it seems everyone has one. Sufice it to say getting the new iPhone, getting my old number transferred, then getting the land line number transferred from Comcast to that phone, then switfching ATT services to keep the bill down, then reducing Comcast services to get the bill down, took over a week. With getting things backwards, reversing that,both outfits  lying to us about what was available and what not, working our way up the chain of command and more, we emerged exhausted but with lower totals than before. Our only complaint is that we lost the TCM channel that we occasionally watched and picked up six HBO channels that we have no use for – all for less money. What a racket. We’re just glad that’s over.

 And why not one or two Other Peoples Art notes

We stopped in to see Paul Lyon, a local potter – he’s had a lightning disaster with his computer. While there Nan picked up this little ceramic Acorn Necklace with a hand-woven chain. Em Paul’s daughter and assistant, is making these and I’m sure they will really take off when she gets them up on their Etsy store. This design looks a lit like an acorn, others are saggar-fired and come in various fall colors. We got a second one for a present, and have since had a couple of people ask how to get them. They will be $35 on the Etsy Store – which tends to go up once a month with a goodly number of pieces and then almost always empties within hours, a couple of days at the most:  LyonClay Etsy StoreTo follow progress of upcoming postings on the store, follow Paul along with 78 + thousand others on Instagram.

The second image is an updated view of our Annegarn figures collection. Our latest piece, the long-legged beach lady. Maria shows in RiverView Gallery here in Havre de Grace and some pieces can be seen on her site:  http://0063fca.netsolhost.com. This collection is far from all our Annegarn pieces, without even trying, she grew to be one of the three or four artists we wound up collecting. But this does cover the miniature figures.