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Havre de Grace Christmas Parade and Rogue Swan Christmas Video

Dec 4, 2017

I'm putting off for a couple of days working on my new B&Ws. So, in tune with the season, here are a couple of color exposures of the Havre de Grace Christmas Parade – we do seem to like our night parades – and  video of one of the numbers from Rogue Swan Christmas performance at the Artists Emporium Gallery in town. Both the shot above – looking down Washington Street at the parade – and the one below – I'm sure the Christmas angel but looking more like a Christmas fairy of some kind to me – will be converted and among my B&Ws from 2017.

     That was one heck of a crowd at the parade, we had to park a half mile away – and since we live maybe 3/4 of a mile away, we could have walked. We didn't stick around for the town tree lighting, I figured we can walk back up and see it without having to fight off a cuple of thousands kids some other evening. Besides, the streets are very well decorated this year and I'm anxious to take some shots.

     Rogue Swan is a very eclectic local music and performance group that regularly gives free performances in the Artists Emporium in Havre de Grace (next door to RiverView Gallery where Nan and I exhibit. I set up an interesting little experiment to get a video of the entire Christmas show:

• iPhone 8 with the MoviePro app. set on HD. Mounted in one of those cheap phone clamps that come off their tiny tripod and screw into the top of a larger tripod.

• Also attached to this was the Mic that I usually use for video on my camera, connected via an adapter.

• On top of that I have a MoviePro Remote app. on my iPad Mini that let me control the iPhone remotely. That way no shaking, and MoviePro allows zoom and pause commands.

     The results, as you can see from the video above were pretty good. Next time I'll try 4K, mainly so zooming won't reduce resolution so much. Oh, and since I was at the same time shooting stills, you might see an occasional jiggle caused by me hitting the tripod with the lens – oops.

     I'm giving the hour of videos to Rogue Swan, along with my gratitude for the great show and the opportunity to practice my set up on them. Granted, my camera and zoom lens would have done a better job, but I simply don't like not having it for potential B&W work. I should have also tried Nan's LX-100 to see what the sound would be like. Lots to experiment with here

     NOW, back to work on the B&Ws from both of these events.