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If I Didn't Already Know the Year and Season…

Feb 27, 2017

First of all this is 2017, not the sixties. Second, it's over 70 degrees in mid February in Havre de Grace – just two of the many ways the world seems turned on its head right now. We were delivering some new pieces to the Gallery and saw this scene in front of the coffee shop across the street. Tam, gallery manager, says they are there a lot. I walked over to ask if they were lost in space and time.

     Fortunately I had my iPhone with me and whipped it out. I have a color RAW file along with this, but liked the B&W a lot more (except maybe for the purple shoes on the guy on the left). They said they lived in town – I'm getting the impression that "river city" is becoming a little bit of a hangout for local "hippies". Supposedly the third guy sometimes play the tambourine, I want to be there for that – with my big camera.

(Finally) finished the expanded version of The Moon has been Eaten PDF

It's quite "hefty", a 150mb file., grown from 98 to 150 images. It's primarily for my own convenience, I now have this on both my iPhone and iPad Mini, any time I need it. I also have my Tap Forms database, but that's not quite so simple to access and find things in.

I have no problem with posting the PDF here, in fact a number of these are downloaded every month somewhere, by somebody. The images are much better than on line, and they are accompanied by an anecdote. Plus technical information is with the thumbnails in the back. It takes a little effort writing links, but the PDF is interactive and taping one leads to the full page view.

This chore has been hanging over my head for a while, but no better time than the middle of the winter to tackle jobs that keep you in front of the computer for hours.

Expanded Version (150mb)

See my Links & Downloads page for all versions: Expanded, Original and Orignal in Spanish.

Plus the Easter Island folio Catalog PDF

This is also available for download on Links and Downloads, plus on the first folio page for Easter Island images. It is complete with thumbs – that link to enlargements on the site here (interactive), quick explanations and check boxes. No way a complete Island exhibit can be hung, so this is for making selections.