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First Fridays Flashbacks

Mar 13, 2017

As I await my next foray into the streets of Havre de Grace, work diligently at making the new camera an intuitive extension of self, change my shooting perspective to match my new subject matter, scan event calendars, etc. I thought I'd review any grab shots from the last couple of years that might – quite accidentally it seems – contribute to the series. I found two, both of which I'm posting today.

The image at the top – Sing it Girl – is from last year First Friday in July. I was getting a shot of a couple of fantastic blues singers who had the location in front of a friend's store. First Friday in Havre de Grace sports a live band, groups, etc. every half-block. It's cool.

The female singer (still trying to look up their name – hopefully I'll run into them this year) noticed that the lady in patriotic garb in the booth across the street was getting into the act and took the microphone over to let her join in. It was a nice moment to catch – even with the complication of a walker in the background "growing" out of the singer's back that was a little tricky to remove.

The image below is from First Friday in September 2012. I was taking a couple of shots of two guys outside their glass shop demonstrating their art when I noticed this guy's shirt. I moved around to the point where Bob Marley's hand is reaching out as if to help. Even managet to catch enough of the face, name, the quote and bits of other pictures on the shirt. It helped that he was standing extremely still, concentrating on his work.

I realize my Havre de Grace Street page is supposed to be a 2017 thing, but I'm adding these now as "flashbacks".  Larger views than here can be seen there – and as a slide show of everything on the page:

New Folio Posting Format

I set this site up in 2006, almost the stone ages when it comes to what I can do with it. I've been working with a long list of updates / upgrades. The trickiest was the conversion to a real blog format – even if it isn't all that obvious to others. The last chore on my list will be the most evident – I'm changing the way images are shown in the Folios.

At this point (Monday) one folio page is half done – this will combines that page and twenty individual pages into one "LightBox Gallery". Click on any thumbnail and see a much larger view and morph into a manual slide show – automated slide shows kinda suck. The new system will:

     – Eliminate 20 or more pages on the site for every image index page

     – Once the first image is loaded, allow all on the page to be viewed as a slide show

     – Provide a much larger, more accurate view of the image

So check it out. I've begun with the oldest first, index page 1 of the Easter Island folio

It's actually the same system, revised a little, that I am using on the new Havre de Grace Street postings.

I have no idea how long the conversion will take – it will be one index page at a time, hopefully at least one a week. Only got half done on the first page this trip – but that serves as a great example of the difference. Something of a challenge but long overdue. The one loss in the process – and everything is a trade-off – is in the image titles. Spanish versions and some Rapanui versions of longer titles will be lost, but they are still in the book PDF for anyone interested. I did manage to retain print/frame size info. I would love to have some feedback on all this…