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First of the New Folio Pages Done – Check it Out

Mar 20, 2017

I've began updating my Folio image pages from the plain format I was forced to set up a decade ago – and kept up simply because I was too busy to tackle the job of upgrading – to something much more up to date and effective. It will be slow going though – if I set a goal of one whole page a week, it will all be converted sometime early this summer at the latest. In the meantime, there will almost always be a page somewhere in transition. Arrrgh, simply too much else to do.

The first page is completely done. That took a week because I started and abandoned two systems before testing out four more and then settling on one of those – felt like my head was going to explode. The winner is a misnomer in my case, something called a Colorbox Gallery Widget that I found at http://everwebcodebox.com. It's a huge site with lots of widgets for doing almost anything one can imagine on a web site. The surprising thing is that they're not expensive at all – except maybe in the form of angst required to learn to use them.

The finished page is the first page of the Easter Island Folio – Screen Shot above. Works really nice on the iPad and smart-phone too. On the computer rolling over the thumbs brings up a title preview. There was an auto-slideshow but I turned that off – left it on manual.

First Easter Island Folio Page

At the same time I switched the Havre de Grace Street page over to the same system, changing it around a bit to keep each series separate. The biggest benefit to me, other than the fact the images are much larger and better presented, is that the system makes its own thumbnails – cutting me a real break.

Havre de Grace Street

And no, it's not really all that much fun trying to learn and do all this at the same time I'm adjusting to the new camera system.

Oops, an afterthought. All this is really going to mess up links in the Easter Island Image Catalog PDF. I'll just have to let that one go until those pages are all done and then go fix that.

Our Annegarn Peoples Array

It didn't begin as a collection, just sort of turned out that way. We acquired one piece at a time, ending up with the large piece on top this Christmas. I surprised Nan with it. It's actually a wall hanger, but for now it goes with the rest.

The coolest thing was that the figure inside reading a book used to sit on a little wooden bench below. The windowed home came complete with bench but no figure – so we moed her onto the inner bench where she fit perfectly. Hmm, now there's room for one more below, hot darn. By the way, the tiny painting in there is a Peggy Emmons miniature.

Maria's work can be found in RiverView Gallery in Havre de Grace and at:


Right now there are a few very interesting pieces in the Gallery, check them out.