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First Warm Day in March Stroll into Town

Mar 27, 2017

Took another crack at this “Street” type stuff, roaming around looking to see what I can aim the camera at – not the way I’m used to working but I’m getting a little used to it. Walked down the shore first – saw these guys fishing under the RR bridge. OK, not exactly a “street” scene, but still taken from in town. It’s part of the scene.

Below is my first grab shot of Bob – I want to get a lot more. Bob’s a local retiree who has found fulfillment as the ubiquitous and most dedicated member of the committee that keeps Havre de Grace clean and attractive. Interestingly Hanga Roa on Easter Island similarly has volunteers go into the streets to keep them clean. A day at the Gallery isn’t complete withoug Bob stopping by on his rounds to chat.

Both of these images have – hopefully – are the first of sequences on the topics on my Havre de Grace Street page. There they can be viewed larger and better. “Street” – that’s that logo on the left above.

Jerry Buczacky

Nan’s been looking for something decorative for her garden along the house, something original, unique. We found it at one of the “other” Galleries in town. It’s a large ceramic mushroom with some kind of lizard on tip and a very odd creature poking his head out of the window below. Nan put it on the corner right outside her Studio door. Right now it’s still winter so it’s the only color there. It’s by a local artist, Jerry Buczacky. We just hope he’s OK with us using it outdoors instead as some kind of indoor decoration. It’s stands a little over a foot tall…

Jerry’s work can be found in Arts By the Bay Gallery in town.

More Progress on getting my folio images updated…

A total of 98 images done to this point – that’s the first four folio pages of the Easter Island work and beginning page 5. Each index page sports 20 to 25 images that can be viewed individually or as a slide show (manual). As long as the weather is bad, I make progress on this. Otherwise, not so much. It’s worth it though, the images finally convey some idea as to how a print would look. Just click on the link at the left for Easter Island under Folio – or HERE.