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It Rained on Our Parade

Mar 6, 2017

I hate it when the weather prediction is spot-on! Havre de Grace likes to hold its own Mardi Gras Parade. Never could figure out why – how often is it good weather the last Tuesday in February? Well, this year was no exception. The weather forecast said that it wouldn't start raining until minutes before the parade was scheduled to begin at 6:30. It didn't, so they didn't cancel or postpone, about half the parade bothering to show up.

Subsequently we had a half-hour parade instead of one hour, in the pouring rain, on a very dark night. There were "many dozens" of us lining the streets ducked under awnings, mostly kids collecting bead necklaces as they washed down the street – tosses never quite reached people hiding from the downpour. I was breaking in my new camera with this outing – ok, more like breaking myself in on my new camera. I spent part of my time diving out into the maelstrom to relay necklaces to kids under the awnings. I did get a few of shots off though. The one at the top is my favorite – this was just before the rain became a torrent. Four more below complete the set from this effort. Sure, if the weather had been a tad better I might have gotten mucho more shots, I'm not sure there would have been as many I really like, or had near as good a time at it.

This little boy was baskig in the light coming up from one of the sidewalk lights and reflecting down from his umbrella.The stores behind them were closed, so no extra light at all.

One of the larger groups of paraders were “faeries” promoting a “Faery Festival” coming up in May in neighboring Darlington. This faerie was being lit from a bright store window – the faerie in the background is in the middle of the parade route – totally darkened. At times like this I always consider using flash, and usually decide against it. – keeping it real.

In the last shot, two of the small motocycle contingent that showed up, you can see what it was like for those coming down the middle of the street. No parade for the faint of heart this one. Check out the man and boy on the other side of the street – we were lucky, there were eight or nine or us undert a store awning – with some light coming from inside. As far as seeing anyone on the floats, etc., the camera picked up more than the eye could see. 

These were all shot at ISO 6400 in Fuji RAW. I was holding my breath about them, but came away very, very happy. One big goof I did make was forgetting to move my metering off of spot to average – not smart at night or even when shooting quickly in the street. Oops. If I have any complaints about the Fuji X-T2 it’s the life of the battery – the bane of these modern electornic marvels. I always carry a spare, but now I’m considering carrying two or three! Yikes.

Some major site shifting:

 Havre de Grace Street – go there to see these four images much larger

• I’ve added a new folio section for shots I consider Havre de Grace Street – and worked up a little logo to put at the top of my go-to column on the left. It’s separate for a couple of reasons – we plan to be home most of this year so I will endeavor to venture out for the plethera of happenings in town AND at the same time there is a difference between these and my previous work.  I’m still not sure what to do with the results beyond showing them here, on Instagram and Facebook. As far as working up a print file, defining the size, printing, mounting, etc., any decisions will be on hold for now.

• The folio page for these is set up quite differently. It will certainly have to evolve as I get new work, but for now each foray out to the streets will be represented by a grouping – they won’t be all that long, only my favorites will be included. This time it came to four Click on one of the thumbs in the grouping and they can be gone through like a slide show, cool. The problem with doing that on Blog postings is that the widgets used to do that don’t work on Blog pages, darn.

• Another difference in handling is that instead of simply a posting announcement on INSTAGRAM, I’ll post the full results.

• I have a couple of random but I think interesting street shots from past First Fridays – I’ll give those a look to see if there’s anything worth adding, expecially in the Concord Point Coffee sequence. All this with no clue as to where I’m going with this – kinda fun to get out of my comfort zone.

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