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Apr 18, 2017

In the process of converting my folios to the new system, I finally came to the Portrait section, and this shot of Nan from 1978. I can’t believe I’ve never made it the subject of a posting. It’s my absolute favorite – I’ve kept a darkroom-printed copy mounted. matted and propped up (un framed) on the table next to my computer in my “studio” forever. I can’t really esplain why I’ve never formally framed it – something about liking the feel of it being right there, year after year, with no glass. And how can I go wrong with those eyes always on me? I’ve shown it a couple of times, people have a hard time believing that at this point she had three kids in school. Again, the version in the folio shows up fantastic. My “Brown Eyed Girl”.

On the subject of glassed art work – ss much as I love B&W photogrfaphy, I’ll admit to something of an issue generally with art that requires being put behing glass (or plexiglass). Watercolors, charcoal sketches, etc. suffer the same problem. There’s something of a disconnect there. And printing on canvas isn’t the answer – the texture is ruinous. Recently printing on aluminum, where the image is actually fused to the metal, has become a thing – they can be impressive, but somehow it’s not the same. It’s possible that the super-expensive glass that is impossible to detect would work – but that’s prohibitive. Some things one simply has to learn to live with, and cutting glass is just so much fun…… 

I’ll be printing early next week and will probably, finally, do a copy for framing. The older unframed version will stay right where it is!!

Link to Folio page wit this posted…

Folio Conversion Update…

Bogging down, progress slowing. I got almost done with the Harford County section and ran out of steam – plus too much else to work on. To keep myself interested, I began the other incomplete sections. Not the most organized situation, but heck I ought to be done near the end of May anyway. The process has led to some combining of folios, moving, etc. It has also led to my reviewing a number of negative scans – especially pictures of local artists from the seventies through nineties. And realizing that even if most aren’t material for posting here, there should be something I can do with them. Gotta do some thinking on that one.