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Jet Blaq and Red Alert

Monday, May 15, 2017

As I mentioned in the last posting, on First Fridays in Havre de Grace, there are one or two bands on every block. By far our favorite to stop and watch as much as listen to is Red Alert – sponsored by Joseph’s Department Store (a very old fashioned, small town place) right across the street from the opening shot. The lead singer in the duet is Jet Blaq, one of the most entertaining, energetic performers I have ever seen. At times she is dressed all in red. The woman can “sang” – anything from blues to pop. Of course I prefer the blues.The hats on these people were brought along for this type of thing – Jet works the crowd and gets her audience involved. More images below:

Getting the show on the "road”…

Taking it to the crowd…

Connecting with the Audience…

Gettin’ Down…

At one point Jet had one of her musticians get up and do his Michael Jackson impersonation. He had some moves…

Cliff Giles is another regular. He brings an array of drums and other instruments and invites anyone to have a seat, or stand, and join in. It can get really interesting when they get into complex Turkish rhythms that Cliff seems to understand a heck of a lot more than I can. Here he is with two that joined him. I just missed a couple of kids who were getting up and leaving just as I got there.

Havre de Grace is a unique little town. One of the best ways to see that is to come and join us on the First Friday of every month from May through November (OK, sometimes October if the weather is bad).

Site Notes…

Still working on getting caught up on the site fix-its. At the same time I’ve had to bring back to life my system for phographing art behind glass for a fellow artist. This will hopefully lead to an updated posting on that. There is a lagging “Other People’s Art” item too. Plus the weather is much better. Don’t know if I’ll ever catch up.