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Rain, Rainbows and Sun

May 29, 2017

…plus a new exhibit print, site updates and a big deal for Fuji RAW conversion. To be frank I don't really know what I'm going to do with this one. It's a B&W iPhone shot – will stand up to a 12x16 image, where it's most effective. Nan likes it – not one but two rainbows with some pouring rain along with bright sun. I took it last year and posted a color shot taken at the same time. Finally got around to working on the B&W. The original is a TIFF, much better and maleable than a JPG but not as good as the RAW that my camera apps on the iPhone now shoot. Can't wait to experiment with some of those exposures.

Fuji RAW and my new work-flow

Here's a little something I'm sure very few people will find interesting – a new app from Iridient calles Iridient X-Transformer. Fuji cameras use a different sensor from the one all other camera manufacturers use. The results can be problematic for RAW format images only because very few RAW converters are set up to handle Fuji RAW files properly – effecting the sharpness ever so slightly. Iridient Developer has until now been the one solution for this – but it is an expensive converter.

Now Iridient has just released X-Transformer, specifically designed to convert Fuji RAW format images to DNG RAW, an Adobe RAW format. This works individually or by batch drag and drop. There are even special settings for special circumstances. And it's actually pretty inexpensive, only $30.

I ran some tests and the results are fantastic. Sure beats paying the high price of the full Developer app, and it means I don't have to continuously navigate its admittedly awkward controls.

The last batch of images from my X-T2 were drag/dropped for conversion on X-Transformer and the results saved as my originals. Eliminating the steps I was having to take of saving the Fuji RAW files and then when I wanted to use one, running it through Iridient Developer and then saving it into Photoshop format, then opening it in Photoshop.

All the benefits of Fuji's great sensor with only one additional, easy step. Do I find this a high price to pay for using the finest piece of photography equipment I have ever handled – certainly not. It's a minor inconvenience and a small price to pay to be able to get the mostest and bestest out of my camera.


1– Folio conversions are finally, finally finished. Instead of a bunch of thumbnails leading to individual pages, everything is on one page. Clicking on the thumbnail array leads to a manually operated slide show of that page's images. This cleans up the site a good deal. 

The one exception to this is the Havre de Grace Street folio where I need room for a lot more entries. For this reason, each event or section lead-in is only one thumbnail – leading to its own manually-run slide show. But here I added a Download Arrow top/right above images. Feel free.

2– I also cleaned up the links on the left of the home page to folios, etc. And included a mini-auto slide showing of folio icons at the top.

Old Amtrak RR Bridge Across the Susquehanna at Havre de Grace:

I posted this shot a couple of weeks back but just now finally got around to printing it – it's being mounted and will be in Riverview Gallery this week. This bridge is slated to be replaced, construction to be a 10 year project. That ought to be interesting as it crosses the river from downtown – only a short walk from our house.

I’ll play around with an exposure a little, even post it here in advance of printing. But I don’t consider it a finished work until see the final version roll off the printer – if not actually mount and frame it. Needless to say, at any one time I have a number of that feel like they’re in limbo. In some ways it’s like showing unfinished paintings.

I printed the bridge at 14.75x20 on 22x26 but it will easily stand up to a 17.7x24 on 26x32. Of course I can go smaller, but where's the fun in that? This is the first actual exhibit print from my new camera – the Fuji X-T2 that I sold all my Canon equipment to finance. I'm so tickled with it that Nan likes to tease me by singing "Fuji love, isn't it grand" to the tune of the song from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes "Puberty Love, isn't it Grand" – the best and most memorable part of one of those movies that are so bad that they're great.

This goes into the Harford County Folio – page 3.

At the same time I'm adding the Havre de Grace Street shot of the early morning fishermen in a boat under the same bridge to my Miniatures available in the Gallery.