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A Short Bluebirds Tale

Jul 31, 2017

or – as we watch a curious family dynamic… One would think from the pictures that the explanation was pretty straightforward… but it's not. We watched as a female bluebird built a nest in our birdhouse and began sitting on her nest. Already very different from what we have seen before. There was no male sitting there luring her to the box, there was no sign of a male at all. At this point we simply assumed that it was something called a "bluebird widow". The other curiosity was that she always, when leaving the nest, made the exact same flight around the front of the house and across two streets.

     A couple of days later, as she sat on the nest, these three juveniles showed up and began pestering the heck out of her to feed them. A little while later daddy showed up and eventually lured them back around the house and across the two streets. Aha, a bulb went off!

     These two were starting a second nest before the spawn from the first had quite left. They showed up in the morning the next day, not to be seen again after that. The mommy? She's still sitting on her new batch of eggs.

     I grabbed these shots through our kitchen window with my lens set on 305mm. One shows mommy and daddy discussing the situation and another mommy just sitting there showing her frustration at the situation. While they were relentless, she never once gave in. I guess she figured if she ignored they they would eventually go away.

Prints on MetalI:  I have the first Print on Metal back and hung in RiverView Gallery in town. Quite striking actually. I show it hanging on our wall in the next posting. As a start I’m putting up a price-list page and simply asking anyone interested in any folio print on metal to contact me about size. Permanent dye-transfer prints on aluminum that can be cleaned and don’t need glass are not cheap to produce. Then again, there’s no added expense for mounting, matting, glassing, framing. Ultimately, an 18x24 Print on Metal can be priced the same as an 18x24 regular print fully mounted and framed (although therefore a good deal larger).

The Moon has been Eaten Volume II:  first draft is finished. I need to get away from it for a couple of days and then Nan will help me go back through it with a fine comb. Print-to-order fine-art books are a good deal pricier than offset bulk orders individually. That I can’t help. As soon as I find out exactly wha the price will be, I’ll post it here. I need a half dozen copies for myself – anyone else interested will have to opportunity to order one at cost.