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July First Friday – Street Painting

Jul 9, 2017

…and progress on book. metal prints.  We might have been able to spend more time out for First Friday except we had to park so far away and, because of the recent hernia operation, I decided to cut out a little early. As it was, I covered a lot of territory afoot, feeling every step. We did manage to get a good meal at the street cafe set up by the Vinyard Wine Bar, and then took a few shots of a couple of artists working in front of the Gallery where they show Artists’ Emporium, next door to to Riverview Gallery where we both show. Their ability to tune out everything going on around them, including me hovering, and focus on what they were about, was pretty impressive. I just call the two shots Concentration 1 & 2.

Of course I'm adding these to the collection on the Havre de Grace Street page. I expect that as I get up and around more – should be jogging in another two weeks – I'll pick up the pace on my effort to get a good sized collection together this year – maybe for something at the last First Friday in the Fall.

Update… The Moon has been Eaten   volume II – completing my Easter Island project

     … at this point it looks like this will be the title. Things are moving right along – most of the images are in, along with first drafts of all the text. Next step is to decide which images remain on two-page spreads – text on one, image on the other – and which wind up as combos. then page order becomes an issue – one that feels like banging one's head against a brick wall.

Finally, after resetting page numbers, it's about a month of rewrite after rewrite until I either get it right or close enough to just give up on the effort.

Again the book will be around a hundred pages, probably softbound to keep the price down and 10x10 inches. As soon as I can estimate the actual cost, I will get word out, charging only that, cost, for anyone wanting a copy. It's being put together as an extension of, addendum to the first volume. And in order to help lower that cost even a little more, I'll be offering anyone who doesn't already have the first volume, both for cost of the second plus $25 for the first (actually a little under cost). I break down the whole thing on my The Moon has been Eaten page. A couple of people have already put their names on the list – this should be fun as soon as I get past the torture part. Targeting the end of August.

Books will be numbered but limiting the edition will be indirect. There are 500 of the first volume, half of those sold. So the maximum potential would be the same number – though less likely to be reached. Unlike the first volume, this one is print-to-order. After this pre-order effort, cost will go up some because orders will always be for under 10 copies.

Where I getting the printing done I tell them how many copies I want over 10 and they offer a discount. So, hopefully, every pre-order counts towards getting this price down.

Update… Prints on Metal

     This experiment is just getting off the ground. Lots of research has gone into it, but even then there aren't any guarantees. I'll put the first test order in this week – a little later than planned due to pain issues recovering from hernia surgery. Ouch. By the end of this month I should, if I like them, be able to set up a display page and price chart. Not much success in research to find how this actually does with B&W. Far too few examples out there.