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Recovery, Pirates and Whats New

Jul 3, 2017

Recovering and Posting – I'm recovering enough from my hernia operation to sit at the computer at least a little. It was an inguinal hernia – and I opted out of the Oxycodone pain killers afterward. Probably a big mistake. Good darn thing the doctor didn't warn me how bad it would get or I might have chickened out. Eating lots of prunes to keep myself regular. But five days later making great strides back.

So I'm able to post the shot I was ready to put up a couple of weeks ago when I began my whirlwind courtship of all of this torture – doctor visits, referral, surgeon and pre-op instructions, hospital, recovery room and home before the real pain set in. Priceless.


      Havre de Grace's annual Pirate Fest week-end features a 5K fundraiser for the local canal Lock House Museum, exhibits having anything conceivable to do with pirates on the grounds and plenty of locals dressing their versions of the period.

The 5K

     I ran in the 5K with a brand spanking new inguinal hernia – probably not the smartest thing I ever did. The bad news is that it aggravated it enough that I knew I'd better get to the doctor. The good news is that finally, after being an also-ran in high school cross country, running 5Ks, 10Ks and even half marathons for years, I'm coming in first in my age group – over 70. I had my anesthesiologist in stitches telling him about that. Doctor says I can get back at it after three to four weeks – looking forward to the Halloween 5K this year. Weeeeee.

The featured shot…

     I did some shooting in spite of how bad I felt after my not-so-smart run, but admittedly didn't wax all that enthusiastic. The shot above is my favorite – not one of the "pirates" manning the booths, etc., but a local there with his wife. I didn't even get his name – I'll have to print one up and look for him this First Friday event in town. Except for the winning smile and looking bathed, he could probably be pretty convincing. For now Ill just have to call it Pirate Fest Attendee.

Here’s a couple of shots from the booths, and the fellows manning them – pretty nice in that the “pirate” with the collection of period artifacts actually lets people pick up and get the feel of the items:


Finally finished the pyramid project that was converting all the blog entries to the new system, then converting folios to image widgets instead of individual pages and in the end deleting over 660 now unused assets so I could call the server to have them delete the entire site so I could replace it – saving over a gig of space. Nothing should look any different to a visitor, but everything sure works better for me now – the end of 8 months of work.


A new book – sort of…

     I'm pulling together, for a sort of addendum book to The Moon has been Eaten, the fifty-some images in the Easter Island folio that didn't make the original book that came out in 2012. Many of these are my favorites. This one will be print-to order digital printing (HD or heavy paperback). It will be 10x10 instead of 10x12 inches. It will contain the same text accompanying images, along with a couple of other new pages, that the expanded PDF version of the book has – or will have. I figure by sometime in August I will order six copies for myself and those who simply must be given a copy. Beyond that, there will be a page here for ordering. Since a good half of the original printing of "The Moon…" remains, I will package both books for the regular price of the second volume. In the screen-shot of the cover, note the spell-correction lines under my name – it’s a work in progress.

First tentative paragraph from the introduction:

"Since the printing of The Moon has been Eaten in 2012 I have added a number of images to the 98 in the original Easter Island portfolio. Some were either overlooked at the time or left out for specific reasons. A couple were shot with the iPhone camera and wouldn’t hold up to the size goals I set for the project, and a few more were shot on return trips to Easter Island and deliver books, taking advantage of the opportunity to fill in some gaps. In the end, if viewed as an independent entity, it makes for a pretty eclectic collection of B&W images. It is meant as an addendum or supplement to the main volume and completes my B&W portrait of Easter Island."

Prints on Metal…

     The only "weakness" I've ever felt in B&W Photography as an art form is the fact that prints do need to be behind glass. There are services now that not only print in permanent dye-transfer on heavy aluminum, but do it via one's uploading a print-ready file that they feed to the printer as-is. Hardly different than printing it oneself – and I'm certain much better than leaving decisions to them. I've zeroed on a printer for my first test run and will be ordering a couple this week. Hopefully I will soon be albe to put together a page here that shows some examples and offers anything on the site as ready-to-hang metal prints. Of course RiverView Gallery in town will get the first samples. Still working out size-ranges, pricing, etc.