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Our Eldest Puts out Her Third Children's Book

Aug 15, 2017

Caron's first two books – The Last Flower and Slim – both received awards. I liked both but Slim is one of my favorite kids books of all time. This third effort is longer, about fifty pages, and a much more ambitious undertaking – something for young readers to sink their teeth into. Caron does both the writing and illustrations, and for that matter the creation of the book file to submit to Amazon publishing.

     Morris Peerie is softbound, 8x10 inches. It's available on the Amazon web site – click on the thumbnails below to go to the book pages. Price is ok if one is ordering one or two, but since we had to get a stack for getting signed and using as gifts this year, it really added up – ouch. To get to the bool pages in Amazon, simply click on the links above the book thumbnails below.

The Last Flower              •            Slim              •              Morris Peerie

The Moon has been Eaten Volume II:  Working my way through edits and corrections on my own next book. Have to actually print proof pages for that because it is just about impossible to proof and edit on a computer screen. On target to send out a trial order and receive it back by the end of the month. Then I will know a lot more.

Getting around a lot better:  Definitely coming back from my hernia operation. Jogged quarter mile, then a half, then three quarters so far – working my way back up by a quarter of a mile every couple of days.