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Rogue Swan at Artists Emporium

Aug 9, 2017

Tricky shots in very low light of a great little show… Artists Emporium is the gallery next door to RiverView, the one where Nan and I both exhibit. One of the main differences is that A. E. has enough room to hold musical events regularly, able to seat (and stand) a few dozen people. I saw it as a great opportunity to both enjoy the show and get a handle on extreme low-light shooting, so I offered to give them copies of anything I got – in color that is. B&W conversions are mine. These three shots are from my first foray.

     I opened up with a group shot of the troop in their grand closing number. The second shot, below, is a young lady who, though she did a nice job on a couple of other numbers, was unbelievable at her solo blues piece. The third image shows the belly-dancer. Rogue Swan is due to be back in September.

     I shot these with my 28-85mm (equivalent) lens. It worked out really well at ISO 3200 – while the shots at ISO 6400 showed a little more noise than I like. Next trip in I think I'll take the little back-up camera with its 24-75mm (equiv) lens for a few grab shots and put the 85-305 (equiv) lens on my X-T2 for the main. The other change will be to simply leave the ISO on 3200 and risk slower shutter speeds – this thing seems to handle down to 1/8 of a second hand held (carefully) pretty handily. Might even use a monopod AND, to counter the problem of switching batteries, I'll probably put the battery grip on – effectively giving me access to three batteries loaded.

     The only issue in doubt is comfortably getting enough height to get above heads a little better. This is fun.

Right now the Rogue Swan web site leaves a lot to be desired as far as information goes. I'll get names for the two individual shots and add them soon. And of course larger versions are on the Havre de Grace Street page.

Tara Vinson

April Burril

The Moon has been Eaten Volume II:  I let the project sit for a little more than a week so that when I got back to it I wouldn't be too close to notice potential issues – back to it and reviewing everything page by page and word by word. Looking forward to a test-order before the end of the month.