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September First Friday in Havre de Grace

Sep 14, 2017

On First Friday in Havre de Grace, the three main blocks in town are closed off to traffic, along with a number of side streets for one block. Lots to see and do, lots more to eat. My into picture shows one of the “street” artists doing a sketch of "Jimmyo" in front of the Gallery (Artists Emporium) he runs in town, right next door to RiverView where we both show our work. He’s an interesting character, and I couldn’t resist observing that the artist somehow managed to make him look sweet and innocent.

Down the street in the next block I was happy to see that Fostina Dixon was back – picture below. This time we had time to take seats at one of the little tables set up and enjoy the show. She played her Sax of course, and later some Soprano Sax for variety. I took a lot of pictures – trying out my new Vertical Battrery Grip for my Fuji. It was fun. Foctina and her little group (absent First Friday) will be the intro act Friday September 20 at the new Opera House here in Havre de Grace. We already have tickets.

As always, there were a few street painters. Here’s one that attracted the attention of a kid, being shown how she could paint from a picture on her iPad:

And here’s a shot of a young lady in the local Maritime Museum’s booth demonstrating a pedal-powered lathe. Cool. Someone should say something to her about wearing protective goggles though.

Cliff Giles, local musician, for the second time this year set up drums for anyone and everyone to play, join along with him, etc. He’s got plenty of room on the triangle area where the blocked off street meets another one blocked off and one still in use. I’ll have to make sure and post the closeup  on his Facebook…


Last but not least, a before, during and after sequence: The Vintage Cafe held a Milkshake Drinking Contest. My first thought was: how? Their milkshakes are to die for, but overly thick, made with lots of real ice cream and next to impossible to drink. Lot of using multiple straws for spooning. I like the vanilla with a touch of malt – fantastic. Four volunteers lined up and started off. Then the judge holding up the winner’s hand. I just hope first prize wasn’t a free milkshake.


Here they are at about the half-way point. The young fellow second from the right looks to  be well ahead, but don’t be fooled. Right after I took this shot, he bolted up and over to the curb to throw up and be out of the match. Putting it down just a tad too fast I guess.