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Rogue Swan Portraits

Jan 5, 2018

While shooting the video of the Rogue Swan Christmas performance in December I grabbed my trusty Fuji and zoomed in for a few close-ups. The intro picture is April Burril, also known as Chain Saw Sally (hard to see that when she's singing sweet Christmas songs). I liked these as a fun assembly. Hope she does – if the picture she posted dressed up all Christmassy holding a chain saw with the caption: meet me under the mistletoe is any kind of warning.

I'm posting the images below before I get names – will add them as soon as Jimmy-O gets back to me on that. This, hopefully, finishes up my Havre de Grace Street collection for 2017. A lot more in there than I anticipated, while at the same time less in the way of actual “street” shots and so much more in the way of performances. They’re all a tad larger and punchier on the Street page where each grouping is a sort of manual slide show – plus they are downloadable. Anyway, check it out: Havre de Grace Street.

UPDATE – Top to bottom below:  Katie GordonJames Watkins

The final image below is another grouping, I like so many of this very expressive young lady that it was rough getting it down to just five from the twelve I originally selected… And for some reason I enjoy putting these groupings together: Marion Jackson

Book Note:

 The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston –  a photographer accompanying an archaeological expedition into the jungles of Honduras. Generates lot of respect for what archaeologists have to face in the field. And find out why sane people do NOT want to go there. I found myself passing this around for others to read passages about snakes, insect borne diseases and much more, including threats fron drug cartels and tomb robbers. I got this one for Christmas and couldn’t put it down.