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Both of Him Want to Know What the Heck I'm Up To

Oct 17, 2018

This is John Zimmerman, both of him giving me the evil eye while I frame my shot. I hope it's not too impolite to speculate how his expression would come across in a house-of-mirrors. Pam Wilde's series of portraits painted in the window of The Artists Emporium in town continues.When I can, I cruise by and click off a couple of shots.

     Below is another gentleman, Charlie Vasilakis. Says he knows Mr. Zimmerman, didn't say anything when I mentioned the "stare". Here he looks like he could have a ghost sitting on his lap (obviously someone walking by and stopping to look in the window at art in process).

Third Party iPhone Camera Apps Caution:

     I use the Camera+ 2 camera app for my iPhone shooting. It gives me RAW+jpeg exposures, giving me a lot of control over the image when converting to B&W. One caution about these third party camera apps: leaving more than one of them "open" at a time – accessing the iPhone's camera – can lead to focusing issues. Especially if you are using manual focusing – what you see might be in focus but this can fail to translate to the camera. Ergo - out of focus images. This one caught me off-guard big time. I was running tests between two camera apps and their manual focus functions – every shot in the , if I do say so myself, well thought out procedure, ended up way out of focus. Eventually I thought of completely closing off one camera before testing the other (in the process realizing I have a habit of leaving fifteen to twenty apps open most of the time anyway – I'm a bad boy). Voila, no more manual focusing issues. Since when you install third party camera apps, they all ask for permission to access the iPhone's camera, they must establish the link when they are opened – confusing the heck out of the poor thing regarding some functions if two are open. Interesting.