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First Friday in October

Oct 8, 2018

Just a couple of shots this time around. August First Friday cancelled, September reduced to a minimum and now October at about half-strength. Even the Drum Circle stayed home. With as much rain as we’ve had this year, it’s a wonder that so many First Fridays were able to go forward. I grabbed the shot above while sipping coffee outside Java By The Bay. This little girl’s parents were trying to go into The Art Room where JimmyO has been showing a number of Halloween paintings. But she had other ideas – the sidewalk light was more than enough for her. When they tried to leave, asking her where she would like to go next, she simply pointed back to the light.

The shot below is Shane Grimm on Guitar in the band Everwatt. It was getting dark and I liked the harsh lighting. Maybe I cheated a little in eliminating glimpses of a light building and a tree behind him. – leaving the picket fence. Again, the second trip out in a row, I found myself shooting at extremely high ISO – this time at only 6400 (for both of these). The results from these two shoots remind me of what I used to get from Tri-X film pushed to ISO 800. 

As always, check out the Havre de Grace Street page for the album, where they are nicely presented and are even downloadable,

We probably could have hung around a little longer, but we had tickets for Mama Mia at the Opera House up the street. All I can say is WOW. One of the most fun evenings we’ve had this summer. Entertaining and funny. At one point I laughed so hard I pounded a bruise into my right leg. Then, at the end, the whole ensemble gathered to sing, and dance, some of the better musical numbers from the show.

So, trust me, get to this show. The first five performances were sold out. Next weekend, Friday seems to have about four tickets left at thie point – a few more are available after that. Opera House Ticket Sales.

Katy, you are the queen!