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Moonshine Hafla – Just the first three. With the lighting these are not easy.

Oct 2, 2018

The rest of my images from Saturday night's Moonshine Hafla at the Opera House will have to wait a couple of days. But I thought I'd post the first half. The title of the image at the top is something that flashed before my slightly demented mind at the time – probably inspired by the lighting in the room we were in, they call it the black box. Anyway, I actually made it a part of the image here – sort of like a small poster. It's April Monique (April Burril) announcing the upcoming show.

And lo, unto him the angel of death appeared saying… 

"My, it looks like you've been a very bad boy…"

I'll take an opportunity to whine a little bit about stage lighting. As  photographer I can handle converting to monochrome from almost any combination of colored lights – except the blue. Even then some of the effect can be overcome unless it is ALL BLUE or just the light on the face blue. It dominates, neutralizes, it sucks. Try to convert or even adjust, you get a strong solarization effect – isn't that precious. At the same time it likes to give the illusion of things being out of focus. Anyway, I got that off my chest. Keeps me from chewing my nails.

I gave April's husband a color version of the intro image here. Not too big because the other issue in the black-box was that I was forced to shoot everything between ISO 6400 and ISO 12800. Tends t limit how large you can go. Surprisingly, with my Fuji X-T3 the results aren't as problematic as I feared – not that I look forward to going there again. I'm just no longer quite as panicky at the thought.

Below, the next two shots that I came to – the first is the first dancer that came on. Somehow at the time I missed the fact that, with her eyes covered, there were eyeballs in the palms of her hands. Guess I was too busy shooting – that sort of explains the dance. Cool. I know I need to get names here – I’ll work on that before I finish these up so I can add them in the Havre de Grace street slide show.

Finally, a shot of April giving her not so tempting come hither look in her dance. Maybe the fact that halloween is approaching influenced the themes here.