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More Moonshine Hafla

Oct 4, 2018

The rest of a very triciky story. OK, the results aren't all "that" bad – but when you shoot 500 shots and, after deleting the total failures, wind up with a 110 to work with, well…. the shoot was a tad problematic. And add to that the fact that part of the 110 comes from me setting the camera for multi-shooting. I like 5 to 6 frames a second (the camera will to 11 with the mechanical shutter and a full 30fps with the electronic shutter). That way I get, depenting on the action, two to five from which to select. Slight differences in expression, position and, especially at the Opera House, lighting, can be important. It was a small room, and even standing about a foot and a half off the floor, vantage was pretty poor. So I have to apologize for not getting everyone who danced. Anyone in a group who didn't at some point cross dead center got missed. Nan says to stop whining and just post the pictures – but it did help a little to whine.

The opening shot here is of the one male belly dancer. We've seen this before so it wasn't a surprise. This guy made it look quite masculine – I had two or three shots I really liked and had a difficult time choosing. Nan says he looked like the genie that came out of the bottle. When I get the names I'll have to try and get the color files to him.

Below is what I believe they call a veil dance, sorry if I'm wrong about that. Here if you look close the camera picked up the cord controlling the veils – something I could not see during the performance.

Then April again, another shot of her deadly come-hither look. Something too cool about that sequence.

And the tall young lady here moved from this pose to a back bend almost to the floor. I'll just say that she knew how to move.

I've initiated efforts to get names but, so far, to no avail. I'll add them later to the Havre de Grace Street album. Last, but not least, and in the siprit of the time of year, is the image below. After the dance there were comments like "The eyes have it", etc. Very effective in the dark room with black walls – if insanely difficult to capture. Again the name should appear in the Street album soon.

This series, as usual, appears along with those from the first posting as one of the slide show albums on the Havre de Grace Street page, where they are a little larger and on a black background. I'll have to admit that I did not expect the Street page to fill up to this degree so fast. This winter I'll have to come up with something of a reorganization/simplification plan. I put links to the original postings where the images appeared below the album thumbnail. As far as taking the images to print – even my small versions that are in RiverView Gallery free to the subject, that comes a little later when I have the time.

As always, anyone sees themselves or a family member, just contact me here and I'll get an 8x11 on 11x14 made up for them.