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Two From the iPhone Series that I Really Like

Oct 29, 2018

Well, it IS Halloween. At first I was going to select an image from this set where Rebecca Jessop – "Executive Director" of our town's  Opera House – wasn't laughing. But between the fact that she hardly needs the help of a photographer to look good and has a great laugh, I decided to use my favorite shot. Here Pam decided to surprise me and pulled out the mask, Rebecca reacted. I’m not big on formal portraits, preferring to work for that great candid shot that could have been posed. I’m really wanting to find myself in a position to be following Rebecca around point my camera at her – IF I could somehow get her to ignore me and stop breaking out into her very contageous laugh. B&W – of course!

I like the angle Kathy Lating, below, is holding for her pose on this one, the tilt reflected in the progressing portrait. I also like the way it's only the head that comes through completely, again like in the portrait. I'l admit that I'm not sure what I think about Pam's Halloween socks – for some reason they come through loud and clear. I'm beginning to think that if anyone wants to really find out what she's all about, all they have to do is go through her sock drawer.

As always, these have been added to the  album on the Havre de Grace Street page where they appear a little larger, on black background – and are downloadable.

Below is a picture of my Cats & Bats Haunted 5K T-shirt and medallion. It was cold, raining and windy– but you can’t get the medallion without crossing the finish line. My slowest 5K ever, just over 40 minutes. Haven’t been able to keep in shape since surgery about seven weeks ago, just now getting back. In fact about half way through the race I started fantisizing about an ice pack to keep the pain down. Looking forward to the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot to redeem myself. Great shirt, and it’s cotton – I hang the medallions on my studio door so they rattle when someone goes by.