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Two More Wilde Action Shots

Oct 11, 2018

When there is a series of shots, it's always a question as to which one to feature on the top of the blog. This one was a no-brainer – that is one cool hat, lady. And her name isn't far behind: Paula Casagrande – ironically she probably lives in a small house. I just love the pose and expression. The second shot, below, is Lori Gengenbach. Slight shift in composition here, I had to put them in the bottom right, but it does show a little more of the street on the left. And the expressions match wonderfully.

X-T3 Notes

     I recently moved to shooting the new Fuji X-T3. I love my X-T2 but needed a second camera (the X-T20 is Nan's) and the additional capabilities are simply awesome: eleven frames a second mechanical shutter, back-side illuminated sensor, improved face recognition focusing and tracking, etc. But I ran into something of a frustration.

     While I've never had any issues shooting 4K or five to eight frames a second using 95MBs SD cards in the X-T2, the X-T3 is a faster beast and demands more, especially during heavy shooting. The other evening I clicked off over 500 exposures in an hour and a half – pushing the camera to its limits caused a little of a backup on writing the results to the cards (another issue being that this slows down even more as the card approaches full). The X-T3 is not only ready for but only lives up to its potential using the new – and ridiculously expensive – 300MBs SD cards. The darn things are over a hundred bucks for a 64MB card – and the dang camera holds two of them. To complicate things, both eBay and Amazon have gained a reputation for selling fake cards that don't come near working at the level of the authentic brands – scams are everywhere these days. That means paying list price somewhere like B&H.

     I now have just the two, and all is well – and fast. If I get to where I fill them up and have to finish up the shoot with the slower cards, I'll have to remember to let up on the gas a little. I've yet to get to put this camera through its paces in anything but atrociously low lighting, and at reasonable ISO settings.

Two Great Re-Reads

     Two books I read at the beginning of the year have found their way back onto my iPad Mini: NOW – The Physics of Time by Richard Muller and A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence Krauss. Between the two of them they pretty much cover what they've figured out about the universe and existence over the last century, at least what I can grasp of it. Of course, the more we know, the more we know that we don't know. That can be a little frustrating for some but I love the feeling of barely hanging in there. A second, perhaps even more careful read, is definitely called for. Which one do I recommend to read first – A Universe from Nothing, definitely. The books begin at roughly the same points and diverge greatly in focus.