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"You Want a Walnetto?" or Tyrone Gets the Girl in the End

Oct 31, 2018

Nan didn't want me convert this to B&W, so I'm posting both – the color version is below. Maybe, just maybe someone out there can see why, when the kids were growing up, I shot the vast majority of our family pictures in B&W. In the end it made for one heck of a great hardboiund book covering our first fifty years together. There's a very old post on that book, but perhaps it's time to promote B&W again with a new posting about it. 

     We attended a Halloween 20th wedding anniversary party at friends who got married on Halloween, in costume. A lot of the people there were "show people" so the costumes were phenomenal. The one that got to me the most though was their teenage daughter who utilized her clown costume, with very spooky face, extremely effectively simply by seeming to always be there off to the side staring at you. Damn spooky.

     Nan was a very cute witch – I kept telling her I wanted her to wear the outfit to bed that night, but when we got home I was far too gone to remember that. My own costume forced me to constantly explain it – maybe three people there were old enough to remember Tyrone on Laugh In on TV (I special ordered some Walnetto's, but hey, if they don't get the joke, they're wasted). If you're curious – look him up on YouTube, a whole slew of the skits are right HERE. The only other character that occurred to me was Professor Irwin CoreyHERE  but he's always talking and probably even fewer people would remember him. Again – plenty of his skits on YouTube. Notice I’m wearing my old-and-decrepit expression – I also drove Nan nuts walking with a shuffle.

     We didn't take any pictures, and were yelled at for that afterwards. Maybe it's because I'm a photographer, but I'm very reticent about going into someone else's home and pulling a camera out – it just seems invasive and it never occurs to me unless asked. A couple of people drive us nuts texting into the night for pictures – ding, ding, ding. And then, come Monday, we were "forced" to don our costumes again and go into town to show Tamara at RiverView Gallery, otherwise she wasn't going to let up on the torture. She shot this with the phone – thank you Tam, I think.

     After Tam took this shot, I wondered over next door to get my shot of Pam Wilde and her newest victim/subject. I have the voice down pretty good so I walked in and offered them a Walnetto. Outside I talked Nan into standing so that her face and hat were reflected in the window in the shot. – to be posted soon. A little work to do there because I filled up the Album on the Street page to it’s maximum and need to create a second Album for the series.