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First Friday in November – Different Strokes

Nov 9, 2018

This was an odd one. Far to late in the year for the street event, so they sponsored artists to demonstrate or perform in store windows. Friday is a huge dining out evening in Havre de Grace, so there is at least some foot traffic – just try to get a parking space where you done't have to walk a few blocks.

Again with the lighting – or lack thereof. But I managed – I think. Another bunch of images shot at ISO 6400. This is getting to be a thing or something. Oh well, I'm getting a lot of practice at it. It was dark out – especially as the fall clock adjustment hadn't quite come around. 

At this point I only know one of the artists – but I do remember where they were demonstrating. I'll list that here along with the image and put them in their own album on the Havre de Grace Street page (where they are larger, on a black background and downloadable). I'll add names there as soon as I can get them.

The image at the top is a young lady playing the harp in the sidewalk window of Edel's Bridal Boutique in town. This was shot with a normal lens through the glass, from the sidewalk – as I shielded my camera from the rain. The rest of the images, below, are labeled:


On the left, working on a painting that Nan thinks is a horse's eyeball with people reflected. Me – I got nothin'. He was one of two artists working in The Artists Emporium gallery. On the right Jimmyo Burril is painting a Fall scene in The Art Room, twhere he is the manager.


One can see from the lighting that the artists may have had almost as much trouble working as I did. On the left is the second artist in The Artists Emporium. On the right, again in a sidewalk window, a young lady working under one of the lamps in Jo Retro – a store specializing in decor from the fifties, sixties and seventies (and some earlier).

Another gallery in town, Arts By the Bay offered a little better lighting for their artist – if a little less drama for my camera. I look at these shots and, especially since I'm married to a painter, I'm amazed at the various ways they attack a canvas. Fascinating.