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Nov 20, 2018

The shot above is, to the best of my knowledge, the only one I will be able to add to this iPhone B&W series from the storage room at Artists Emporium. Here Nettie Owens poses amid stored art – actually kind of a cool backdrop. If nothing else, it’s great to be able to include one of these that breaks the pattern. I'll pick back up again in January when I can shoot from the sidewalk – I don't believe I can be banned from that.

     Yes, I have been let to know that my posting on the subject – HERE – was not appreciated by management and that I am "no longer welcome" in the gallery (where I have made purchases by the way) as a result of expressing an opinion. Not to mention all the ways the Emporium has been promoted by my photographing events on the site and providing color images for free. A full 40% of my postings this calendar year mention The Artists Emporium in a positive light – with pictures.

     In my defense I would note that I made no negative comments about the gallery itself or anyone associated with it, and I did not speculate as to motives behind the move in question (I even avoid that privately). All I did was express an opinion about possible ramifications of a relatively minor decision that frustrated my own little project, an opinion that anyone is free to agree or disagree with.

      I also deny that I came “into someone else's house and s%&t on the floor". Although the reference is very visual, and kind of amusing. As far as generating a very low opinion of my character (my edited and much nicer way to phrase it), I can only say that this observation came across more as one-sided effort to move the discussion into a contest of personal attacks – not something I'm interested in, in either direction. As far as worrying about what someone might think about something I say or do – I try, to the frustration of some, to follow the principle, as much as possible, of: fiat justitia ruat caelum (in a non-legal context). 

      I'll try to pick back up with this project in January, if simply because I'm enjoying it. I’ll also have to figure out how to extend my standard offer with my Havre de Grace Street series of free mounted and matted copies of these to any subject who wants it.

I'll conclude by saying that I am certainly not angry or surprised, just a tad disappointed. One of the reasons I avoid as much as possible getting formally involved in anything in this area again is an inexplicable (to me) lack of the small-town New England relishing and enjoyment of disagreement I am used to, in favor of a culture of taking every little thing as a personal affront. And because I’ll never get used to so much being said behind people’s backs that is never uttered to their faces. Maybe (only just maybe) I try a little too hard to make sure people know what I am thinking. Then again, overreaction can be both amusing and telling.

Hey, I wonder what would happen if I signed up to have my portrait painted in January – heaven help me but Im not sure I can resist it now. Nan has been trying to talk me into it anyway. Why am I enjoying this so much.