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The Window Goes Wilde Again

Nov 26, 2018

As Washington Street Windows Go All In this Year for Christmas……She's baaaaack in the Artists Emporium window on Washington Street. Havre de Grace is Wilde once more. Friday's window-torture victim was Catherine Stewart. And the setting is all Christmassy. I love the stuffed animal in the tree on the right. The only problem today was getting Ms. Stewart to stop laughing at being photographed – another in the vast range of responses from grumpy stares to hilarity. I just kept at it until I got what I wanted.

     This one, because of the Christmas decor is even more of a jigsaw image than most. And to add to that a passer-by cast just the right shadow to make the subject pop out like a cut-out pasted on a picture. Again, see it larger, on black background and downloadable on the Street page.

     While I'm really only interested in the B&W, there are occasions where the color is at least interesting. So – why not post one shot right after this as an extra – as just a taste of the cool Christmas windows emerging this year in town; just a few doors down is an empty store whose windows were decorated by The Art Room shop on the next block. Here’s the color:

I don't imagine I deserve any credit for the return of Wilde windows in Havre de Grace. After all I was banned from the gallery as a result of my notes here on the subject. And I've  heard back from others that were somewhat more vociferous than myself – who must have gotten through. Or perhaps the Grinch simply had a change of heart.

     Anyway, this weekend we needed an upscale piece of pottery for a major Christmas present and and were limited to cruising RiverView and Arts by the Bay around the corner. Whenever possible we do art for Christmas presents – which takes a lot of thought and effort. We really liked some of the choices in Arts by the Bay right now but settled on a very nice piece from RiverView, by a new (just joined) artist Carolyn Blazeck who trims her gorgeous pots with woven pine needles around the rim (I can't show it in my Other People's Art section for obvious reasons). Check her out HERE (I just added her page to to the RiverView site and this stuff is nice).

Interesting Note…I was wondering about duplicating my iPhoone shots with my regular cameras so I decided to check on some equivalencies. If my calculations are right, the the iPhone 8 camera gives me an equivalent set-up (on a full frame or 35mm camera which is the standard point of reference) of a 28mm lens set at f-13 instead of the much smaller focal length and f-1.8 aperture of the iPhone’s lens – all due to of the much smaller sensor size. I knew there was a gain in depth of field but hesitated to believe that it was this much. A little easier to calculate is that with my Fuji X-lenses, to get to the same equivalencies, I would use an 18mm lens setting at approximately F-10 to get the exact same effect. Fun stuff.

UPDATE: yes, I am aware that sensor size doesn’t directly effect Depth of Field. It’s actually FOV or Field of View that does that here. BUT the formula remains essentially the same.