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Two in the Window

Nov 29, 2018

Today I have the next two Wilde portrait sittings in the wondow of Artists Emporium, complete with Washington Street reflections. Above is Isobel Jessell. She was a quite animated sitter, so I decided to make use of it and catch her making a point. While this just makes some people look awkward, Ms. Jessell holds up to it just fine. Her portrait is still in the early sketch stage.

     For the second shot, below, I took a more direct shot of Pam Spelker minimizing the reflections on the right. This one is a little further along. For B&W, somewhere in the sketch stage is my preferred way to catch the session. Again – these are larger, on black background and downloadable on my Havre de Grace Street page…

     This year the town is doing a First Friday in December, with the tree lighting combined with a number of other events in the street. Here's hoping for at least a warmish and dryish evening on December 7. I'll be out there with my camera(s). There should be a color shot or two for that one.