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Two Wilde Things

Nov 5, 2018

This is Elaine Hirsch getting her portrait painted by Pam Wilde – almost right on the sidewalk in the window of The Artists Emporium in town. Because of timing, I had to take the shot in-costume, dressed as Tyrone from the old Laugh-In. Ms. Hirsch was very charming about it, gracefully accepting the offered Walnetto and eating it.

     Afterwards, as I took the shot, I included a passing witch, ok - it's actually Nan, outside on the sidewalk watching. As this series progresses, and I'm having to expand to two albums on the Street page, I'm beginning to appreciated the combination of so many consistent and similar elements in the shots combined with subtle differences. The subject is always unique, changes in lighting – in spite of the fact that it's pretty much always early afternoon – bring changes in the reflections. Then there is the variety of parked car patterns, not to mention the slowly changing time of year and Pam's taking to dressing warmer.

     Below is the twenty-fifth of these that I've captured – April Ishak. This fills the first Album. I'll have to set up a second Album for next week, as I really want to keep up with this series as much as possible – in spite of the holiday season and all of its time demands.

     Pam began this project in March, slated to last a full year. I will capture as many of these as I can (I didn't start until mid-summer). That should easily fill one more album of 25. All together they should, at the very least, make for an interesting slide show. I'll probably wait until then to go through them to see what else might be done with them. This would be absolutely impossible to do on the iPhone if there weren't camera apps that shoot RAW. Amazing. I'm still trying to piece together just why my good camera, with lens set at the same equivalent focal length and aperture, fails to "see" quite what the iPhone sees in these.

     The Havre de Grace Street series, which includes this not so small sequence, is a work in progress. I'm still not sure where it is going either – sort of like with the Easter Island project, I was three years in before I began planning the book. As always see the Street page Albums for larger, black backgrounded, downloadable images.

 The town did something of a November First Friday with a few participating stores featuring an artist at work – there are a couple of images, I’ll get them up soon.