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First Friday in December and Christmas Parade

Dec 11, 2018

I'm not sure what it is about our local ove affair with after-dark, winter goings on in town. But I guess I'm getting used to it because we spent friday evening – First Friday in December out at the Christmas Parade and Street thingie. There were even artists' booths out there – holy overcoat Batman, manning a booth under those conditions is NOT something I would consider. Kudos for the stamina.

I took a few shots, although lighting on large segments of the Parade was horrible. The shot at the top is my favorite – showing pretty much the brightest area of the streets thaat were blocked off. This was taken pre-Parade. You can get a good taste of how many thousands were out there from the crowd shot below.

There were plenty of people with good cameras shooting, and a drone buzzing overhead. So I'm sure there are a raft of great color shots circulating out there, as well as videos. When you're shooting for B&W, you wind up with far fewer usables, but occasionally that one good one. And often one doesn't know which that is for days or even weeks (I've been a year on that). This short series has its own album on the Havre de Grace Street page where they are larger, on black background and are downloadable. Also, as mention on that page, if anyone sees themselves and wants an 8x11 mounted and matted version simply contact me – I provide those for free. I'll see how fast I can do the shot above for Carl at Concord Point Coffee.

The rest of the images below:


Again – all larger on Havre de Grace Street Page.