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More Wilde Christmas at Artists Emporium and the Blog hits a milestone

Dec 7, 2018

I catch as many of these as I can – fortunately we live very close and they occur at a handy time of day. I'll admit to getting a little tired of seeing that darn bear on the tree on the right edge – a workaround seems in order on that. Christmas decor makes a nice change, but it reduces what I can do with the reflections somewhat. It's a busy time of year so I'm running a tad behind on posting these. The sitting at the top is Alexandra Tomarchio (we have a granddaughter named Alexandra who I immediately nicknamed "Drini" – and much to the parents' chagrin, it stuck).

Below is Pat Robbins with Pam working up the starting sketch. As always, these also appear on the Havre de Grace Street page in the album for the series.

811 unique visitors in November…

     At the height of the Easter Island project the site/blog hit 1000 unique visitors some months. But that was a subject that interested people pretty much all over the globe. Subsequently that number dropped to around 300 on a pretty regular basis, gradually increasing as I've developed my new Havre de Grace Street project. This November sported 811 unique visitors – that's separate individuals visiting over the time period, eliminating all robots, hits, repeat visits, etc. And those visited over 3,500 times. And now by far the greatest part of these visits are from the U.S. (I can't pin it down any further than that but assume that it's pretty much local traffic). That wasn't the case with the Easter Island postings where the bulk was actually outside the States.

     I'm surprised, and gratified. While the nature of my present project isn't producing much in the way of large marketable prints, it does seem to be telling a story. I began on Easter Island as I did this one, with no defined plans as to what I would do with the images – and that evolved into quite the portfolio. So I've been where I am now before – I'll just let this thing evolve and take on a life of its own, taking me where it will.

     So, thanks to everyone. I do get comments and suggestions every once in a while – though rarely in the comments section at the bottom of the page, but rather as emails. I welcome all, especially those offering names that I sometimes miss, and those that make corrections to something I've said (usually a failure of oversimplification of something technical). I sometimes wonder if I should simply eliminate the comment section on the blog itself.