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One of My Favorite Expressions – on both Subject and Portrait

Dec 19, 2018

I think "oops" is beginning to be a regular thing with me. Somehow this one got skipped over. What with Christmas shopping, oral surgery, Christmas stuff, getting myself up for the Reindeer Run coming up Saturday, Christmas family arrangements, missed cracks at window sittings and life, a few things got jumbled. Above is Amber Woods, shot back on December 7. I really liked the expression on this exposure, along with the way the reflections left her isolated as if there were no window in front of her. I can't wait to review all of these and come up with a selection to print – this one being a no-brainer.

Again: in the Album on the Havre de Grace Street page – larger, on balck background and downloadable…

(along with the promise to print a mounted, matted miniature – 8x11 0n 11x14 – free on request for the subject)

A very short posting today – not only a lot to do, but I still have two of these I haven't been able to get to processing as yet. Hopefully I'll catch up Saturday (aftere catching another posing Friday) after the Reindeer Run and a trip to Bel Air to pick up our Beichlers Bread order for the upcoming month, and then an afternoon with Nan making our special recipe oatmeal raisin cookies for Christmas. After all that, sitting at the computer for a couple of hours will be a welcome break.

And I'm reading three books right now that I'm getting back to when I can (as long as only one is fiction, I often work through more than that). The only negative is that there is so little time right now to play with my cameras.

Looking forward to the 28th when we're taking four other family members with us to see Die Hard at the Opera House!