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Yes, that's Jessica Cleaver – Cultural Arts Board Coordinator

Dec 15, 2018

I've enjoyed this series, and it seems a goodly number of locals have enjoyed it too – over 800 last month on the Blog, I have no idea how many on Facebook. It's a shame I couldn't have started it earlier than half way through. And it's a lot of fun showing what the iPhone camera can do shooting RAW and processing as B&W. There aren't all that many portraits to left to come and it's the holiday season, with a lot else going on. So I'm not sure how many more I can fit it. I had to do the one above – Jessica Cleaver, Coordinator of the local Cultural Arts Board – on the way home from oral surgery with a mouth full of stitches. So if my expression was sort of stiff and frozen, there was a good reason – I had to talk through my teeth for the rest of the day. Nan said I was crazy not to go straight home to the couch, but I just said – "but it's Jessica, we know her". I don't do pain-killers so I was in pretty bad shape.

I love the rather serious look on Jessica's face in the portrait – a great contrast to her almost ever-present smile.

My mini-project following this portrait project is still kind of fun and interesting – and it might (oops) also have been fun to be able to see the accumulated results at the end. As far as my series, It will remain as a pair of albums on my Havre de Grace Street page and, I'm sure, provide a few gems for printing up and putting in my freebie-to-subject box at RiverView Gallery. Of course, all anyone has to do is contact me to get their freebie printed up at any time.

Nan has been pressuring me from the beginning to get my own portrait done at the very end – we're big on collecting art work by local artists and this would have been a great addition – and would have made for a great posting here in my Other Peoples Art section. But, as something of a disappointment, it looks like this won't happen either. I made an inquiry about making other arrangements other than in The Emporium (still banned there for expressing an opinion in print – rather judiciously (here) I thought, rather than joining the cacophony of gossip badmouthing it behind the Gallery's back). Heck, I would have no need to have mine shown in the final show. But I was turned down on that unless, conceding that I somehow committed some sort of unforgivable dastardly deed, I went begging for forgiveness(Naaaah, where’s the fun in that?). I should probably note here: I don't anger, don't hold grudges, just try to do my judicious best regarding everyone. Nan, however, is a different story, especially when it comes to her "pooh" – she covers both of those categories more than enough for the both of us. Just Sayin. Its all good!

Adapted "ancient" lenses… X-T2 with Olympus 50mm F-1.4 and adapter

I use the word "ancient" here thinking I'm being funny. To me these old film-camera SLR lenses are only thirty to forty years old – to much younger photographers they seem ancient. They don't work on modern digital SLRs because of the placement of the mirror. But, with a cheap $20 adapter they work on the new mirrorless cameras – except you have to focus manually. But even that is better – push button zoom to 100% for fine tuning focus along with focus peaking (heavy color lines around what is in focus) makes that a snap. Oh, and if shooting in automatic, it has to be aperture preferred – OK by me.

A while back I was given an old Canon 50mm f-1.8. Recently I was given an old Olympus 50mm f-1.4. And now I have finally gotten my adapter for the Olumpus. These make very nice little 75mm equivalent portrait lenses for my Fuji. As the family comes around for Christmas – finally we have a year where we are NOT the prime travelers – I'll turn myself into a pest and walk around testing these two lenses out (one on the X-T2 and the other on the X-T3).

Then, whichever one I decide not to keep (I'm sure they are both great – the decision will be more based on the "feel" of using the lens. If not that, then I'll stick with the 1.4), I'll include with the X-T20 I'll be selling in January – as a nice little bonus. I already have someone expressing interest.