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Do You See Yourself 2017

Feb 26, 2018

Most of the information is in the view of the exhibit poster above. On or about March 1, and lasting for the month, I’ll be setting these up in Concord Point Coffee in town, directly across the street from RiverView Gallery where I show my work. This is a special printing of my favorites from Havre de Grace Street and At the Opera House 2017, a slightly smaller size size and in kind-of cool frames I managed to get at a huge discount. These are for sharing with the community – Concord Point is not taking a percentage and all I am asking for is the $20 framing cost (sales tax included).

Simply contact me as directed at the bottom of the poster, include: name, connection to the image, contact information (email or text#) and I will contact you when your copy can be picked up – at the end of the showing or possibly earlier if multiples of an image are going out or if there is a need.

I had a lot of fun putting this together and Carl at Concord Point is looking forward to sharing them. As always my regularly sized and framed work can be seen or ordered across the street at RiverView.

For this showing, if there are any images not posted from Havre de Grace Street or At the Opera House that you want posted, let me know……