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A Couple of Rehearsal Shots from Upcoming Rogue Swan's Vaudeville Cabaret at the Opera House

Apr 18, 2018

After over a week of very severe bronchitis, feeling stronger but with a voice box barely working, I ventured out to take some shots at one of Rogue Swan's rehearsals for their Vaudeville Cabaret at the Opera House this Saturday, April 21. I've seen them perform before, primarily holiday freebie type stuff. But this is different, wow. Wre glad we have our tickets with our favorite seats picked out – near the back is actually good in the Opera House, it only holds a tad over 200 and everyone gets a good seat. And, I'll be mostly standing behind all this with my trusty Fuji and stabilized telephoto, trying to catch prime moments. Without the rehearsal, I would miss a lot, what with all the unexpected action that is included.

     Nan didn't go with me because she wants to see it fresh – I did tell her to keep her eye out for what I call the "he had it coming" number, funny and wonderful. Maybe the group can find some use for the pictures I took at rehearsal, I'll give them the full-size color jpegs. Me, all I want is the RAW versions and any B&Ws I glean out of them.

 Above, Katy Gordon, director and cast member, moves off to the side to watch and think. Just watching her work is exhausting. I picked a couple of my faves and worked up B&Ws. Not sure yet if any other exposures will be added later – this is one of those cases where I want to run images by them first for approval:

April Monique Burril, L.H. James (aka James Watkins) and Josh Hutchinson

 Below: April Monique Burrill and Jessie Gordon rehearsing “He had it coming…"