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Final Images from our First First Friday of 2018

Apr 16, 2018

I saved two of my personal favorites for last. So called "street Photography" is something new to me, never having even considered it. Then on Easter Island, in order to complete my "portrait", I found myself including some of just that. Something I still find awkward. Maybe this is because I know photographers personally who have a much better eye for it – coupled with a lack of my own reticence when it comes to interacting with the subjects in lieu of trying to remain anonymous at all times. I'll have to just do as I did on the Island and build enough of a connection to the town that we now live in for that not to be so much of an issue.

The first, above, began as a grab shot, in poor light, of Duke Thompson, local musician, conductor and piano instructor, having joined Cliff Giles in his drum circle ooutside Concord Point Coffee. But there was something about the older fellow on the drum next to him combined with the very odd effect of the face-balloon behind Duke that caught my eye. Three awkwardly associated elements that fascinated me. The expression on the Duke's face and the slightly blurred movement of his fellow drummer only add to the effect for me.

The second, below, is a scene that always strikes me – two people deep in quiet conversation in the midst of the "madding" crowd. The street was bustling with events, a rock group playing loudly right out of sight on the right, walkers behind them and within a couple of feet in front, constantly. Any shots I took that showed this just didn't seem to work, but I like this catch without anyone else for the seeming isolation. I also like the geometry of the scene.

I am posting my latest "Pushin' the Rock "Rant" as a separate page, not here on the blog, so it can go directly to the Rants index. It's long with lots of words and figures. And since in general "poeple don't read", why bother. If you are interested in checking it out, click on the title below or go to the Rants link on the home page.


Nan's reaction, though she couldn't agree more:

"Oh Lord, Another Soapbox Rant"