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First Shots from the First First-Friday of the Year

Apr 10, 2018

Hushdown in front of the Easter Bunny's Bridal Shop and Oh Bunny Me… This Friday was a complete surprise to me – past years saw May as the beginning of the event. And hey, April can be quite iffy as far as weather goes. Boy did they/we get lucky – it was the nicest day in a month – a one shot deal because Saturday was back to cold, wet and windy. We went up and I roamed around a bid taking some pictures, some of them below. The crowd was huge – again, the first really nice day and evening in a month.

     At seven thirty we settled down to watch a street performance by Hushdown (facebook.com/thehushdown). They are going to be in concert at the Opera House in August – we WILL be there (turns out Jimmyo is their drummer – he gets around). We liked it so much we didn't get up until nine when the mini-concert ended. Yes, at this time of year it was fast getting dark, and no the lighting, though adequate for viewing, was hardly encouraging for taking pictures. Nevertheless, I persisted – shooting over 500 images, of which a handful are pretty good. The image at the top is actually my favorite – it was shot at ISO 12800. And even at that I was shooting at 1/25 of a second with an 85mm equivalent lens, mostly at f4, pretty shallow depth of field. The illumination that was there complicated things by constantly changing up from blue, to red, to yellow, etc. One of those situations where you set the camera to shoot three to five frames a second for as long as you hold the shutter down while you cross your toes as to the changing availability of light and movement by the subject. But hey, the music was pretty awesome.

     I remember when with shooting film one had to use ISO 125 with Plus-x to get a fine-grain shot. Shooting Tri-X and pushing it to a measly 800 would give you the kind of grain I get now shooting at 12800 – quite an improvement. One of the best things about First Fridays is that it forces me to learn to handle drastic changes in lighting more efficiently, especially as dark sets in.Sure, this one won't blow up gigantic, but I can get a very nice 12X16 inch print out of it. Then a couple of shots taken from the courtyard holding the performance – still a lot of exposures to sort through from this shoot – then Oh Bunny Me finishing my race:

Nobody told me but it sure looks like the Easter Bunny is preparing to tie the knot. During a short break in the performances in "The Courtyard on First Friday, I glanced to the side and saw this. I love the shadows on the back wall:

Did not know what to make of it until I peeked around the corner and saw this… Bride of the Easter Bunny? then again, it is Havre de Grace, you might see anything.

and C'est moi…

…crossing the finish line at this year's "Bunny Run" 5K in neighboring Aberdeen. Pretty cold out. I look like death warmed over here, not sure why. I did finish first over 70 again – just myself and five women in the category. With about 500 runners, many in some sort of costume, it was a fun race. My outfit – thank heaven you can't see the huge flopping bunny tail here, was put together by two "supposedly" friends here in town who didn't give me much choice in the matter (Bunny Worthington and Tam stickler). If you know either one of them, you know how limited my choices were.

My time for the 5K – using the excuse that I've only exercised indoors for about four months now and hate heavy breathing very cold air (it was in the thirties), it was a very slow a little over 38 minutes. The Pirate Run is in the Summer and then Fall when there are three: Turkey Trot, Cats and Bats Halloween Run and the Reindeer Run. Should give me plenty of time to get up to snuff.

I'll wait a couple of days and post a second batch from the evening – and then possibly a third. Hmm, guess I also have to create a separate page pretty soon for 2018 Havre de Grace Street shots. Hopefully along with  the second batch…