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More Images from First Friday – Kids, Dogs and Performers

Apr 12, 2018

The shot above shows "daddy keeping an eye on the kid(s)" as they romp in the little bounce house always set up on one of the side streets. Center of town is blocked off to traffic for First Friday – for three main drag blocks and a number of the side streets within. The “bounce house” sits just off one of the main intersections, right across from that bastion of iniquity – the funnel cake stand. First Friday in Havre de Grace has become quite popular, the crowds amazing. The primary attractions seem to be the food and a half dozen or so performing bands, individuals, etc. spaced throughout. Some of the major restaurants have roped-in seating areas where they can serve wine and beer. Getting a seat? Well, in the middle hours that can be iffy! I would like to see a little more art in booths lining parts of the street, but we live in an area where very little attention is paid to it.et

First Friday May 4 – Do You See Yourself 2017 comes to the Street

It looks like May 4, First Friday in May I’ll be setting up in front of RiverView Gallery – across from Concord Point Coffee – with my “Do You See Yourself" collection from Street and Opera House 2017. I need to give more people in town an opportunity to get copies of thiers or themselves for free ($15 if left in the frame). I enjoy doing that. But since I want to be able to roam around and shoot, I’ll be arranging for someone to show with me – they can handle any takers.

Some people just know how to look cool. Below that’s Peter D Green of Havre de Grace here (local Cultural Arts Board Director took the time to give me the name, thanks) sitting drums for one of the many performers. I had to wait a while for him to exit the groove he was in and open his eyes – I had to be quick though.

Here's Marion Jackson of Rogue Swan. She's taking a break from skating the streets and handing oiut flyers for their Vaudeville Cabaret performance at the Opera House April 21. We'll be there!

A passer-by offers a very large dog a sip of water…

None of the grownups sitting in the circle Cliff Giles sets up for one and all to come and drum were near as cute as this kid. She was set up on the bench off to the side and concentrating on her own drumming.

And there are still a couple more images to work up from last Friday – something for this week-end or Monday.