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Two Images of April from Rogue Swan's Vaudeville Cabaret

Apr 25, 2018

ALSO: Fuji X-T2 Battery Grip – More than Advertised and 4K Video with the Lumix LX100 – Not so Great – The image above and the color version below, along with a second, are the only two images out of over fifteen hunderd exposures – half of which I kept – that I have worked on so far from the event. Obviously April Monique is a belly-dancer. This was one of Nan's favorite parts of the show – she picked these two our of the sequence of shots. That's April's husband, Jimmyo, on the drums behind her. Don't be fooled by his expression, that's his drumming-concentration-scowl. Even though I prefer working in B&W, I'm going to do these two as color prints for them, after I remove that distracting mic stand behind her in the second one (forgot to save it in the color stage that way so I have to do it all over again, curses one more thing on my list). I really love her face in that one (I have a version with Jimmyo removed too, but I like it better with him on the edge):

     I've got a lot of work to do with this batch of images, but I'm almost two weeks behind on everything after being down the first half the month with that nasty cold that's going around, to the point where I almost couldn't remember where my brain was. Anyway, hopefully lots of B&Ws. I’m finding that shooting in Havre de Grace can be almost as much fun as shooting on Easter Island where we spent a total of three years between 2006 and 2016.


Side note: See these colors – the darn lights change constantly. Fun but tricky at times…

Fuji X-T2 Battery Grip – better than advertised

     Ever try to find out if a piece of equipment will do something that you think it should but are afraid to try for fear of messing something up. The Fuji Vertical Battery Grip for my X-T2 adds a second and third battery, adding power and extending shooting time dramatically. It comes with a direct AC charger that lets you charge its two batters while on the camera. It seems I'm not the only one searching the internet to see if the camera will run direct off AC through the grip instead of getting one of those wifty (but cheap) set-ups that run into the camera battery compartment. Surprise – I found conflicting answers. I'm beginning to think far too many people answering tech questions on line simply give their opinion of how they think it probably is, as fact.

     Finally I broke down and tried it. Wow, not only does the charging turn off and let the camera run off AC plugged into an outlet when the camera is turned on – it even works with NO batteries in camera or grip. I'm super pumped over that one – one is locked into one spot – but there are situations, like at the Opera House.……

4K Video with the Lumix LX100 – Not so Great

     My second grand experiment did not turn out so well. A number of photographers on line touted the abilities of Nan's little LX100 to do 4K video. So, for the Rogue Swan performance I set it up on a tripod, hooked it up to AC thru the battery compartment, and let it shoot video during the performance. I had mixed results – the good, the bad and the ugly of it:


     • The camera zoomed to 75mm equiv. just framed the stage, cool.

     • It shot quality 4K video, visually.

     • With the AC connection none of the battery overheating that can come with 4K


     • It only shoots 15 minute 4K video before quitting – one has to watch this and immediately press the red button to start it up again.

     • IIf it's dark it can be difficult to locate that darn red button.


     • Sound coming thru the mic might satisfy some but I think pretty much sucks – and the camera has no external mic connection.

     • The final "ugly" is on me. This set-up should have been better supervised – I was so busy shooting stills that a couple of times I failed to notice that the 15 minutes were up. And then when the card was full at intermission, I got in a hurry and put in a card formatted from my camera, and partially full – it ran out suddenly 20 minutes later.

Next time:

– I'll set a camera up that will take my external mic (even if I have to borrow one), still plug into AC

– Keep the cards separate (duh). 

– Make sure it will do 30 minutes or more video

– Ask Nan to keep an eye on that (oh, and give her a remote set-up so she doesn't have to look for that stupid red button in the dark). 

– One last change – if I'm shooting stills anyway, there's no reason to shoot 4K – kick that down to HD and save room on cards and computer later.