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Rogue Swan's Vaudeville Cabaret at the Opera House – finally

May 29, 2018

Hey, I not only got busy and had a few issues to handle, there are so many nice shots from this performance that it was a major effort to go through them all. In the end I sort of copped out – flagging anything that tempted me and calling Nan in to make the final selection. The opening shot is part of the final curtain bow – to a standing ovation from a full house. Performance shooting is a lot of fun, if pretty challenging as far as low light and fast movement, but in the end is a special challenge for B&W – after all, it's photographing an art form that involves color, in monochrome. Which doesn't dampen my interest whatsoever – I'm just glad to have the color exposures in case anyone needs them.

Since I shoot RAW, I was able to give Rogue Swan full size jpegs of everything, along with free reign to use them as they wish. I started working this way on the Island – at the end of every trip leaving copies of the images with the lady who puts out a wonderful little freebie magazine there. It was great fun seeing them used for everything from backgrounds to covers. It was even more amazing how many shooting opportunities along with unexpected access came my way as a result.

I should probably start putting any event results on a USB stick for the Opera House to review in case they want any for their own uses – problem is there that if they want everything they had better have some way to organize a load like that. As long as I have the RAW files for my B&W work, I'm a happy camper. Life, photography and coffee are meant to be enjoyed, although not always in that order.

Back to the images – which are also posted, of course, in the Havre de Grace Street section, along with the two shots of April Monique posted immediately after the event – with some of my favorite moments. Titles, etc. with the images on the Street page:

Ah heck, I’ll put April back in again – one of the highlights of the show: