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Upcoming Easter Island Presentation – Hand-Made Easter Island Candle for Mother's Day and Catching a Moment

May 24, 2018

Just a quick little posting while I work up some images from Rogue's Swans Vaudeville Cabaret. The subject of Easster Island came up a couple of times recently. First – our youngest sent Nan a Mother's Day present made by her youngest, Aaron – above. It's candle with Ahu Vai Moana Uri (thats: Ahu Dark Blue Waters) built into it, at sunset. It's about four inches tall and is one of those things where the inside is of a lower burning wax so the outside can be used later to put short candles, etc. in.

The second – below – was just a quick flash. Nan and Tamara at the Gallery in town watch(ed) Once Upon a Time for seven years. In the next-to-last episode, the first half of a two-part series ender, the camera rolled quickly over an old scrapbook. Nan missed it the first time so I clicked back to it – it was very quick. Here's a screen shot of the video frame – showing a Tongariki postcard from Easter Island. I've always seen the postcard views as very misleading, what with each one of these moai being six to seven times the height of a person. In a total of three years, we spent a lot of time with these guys – I hope they miss us as much as we miss them.

ANNOUNCING : The Moon has been Eaten – at the Opera House

It looks like I will be giving the looooong version of my Easter Island Project talk/slide-video show, giving away books, etc. at the Opera House on or about Tuesday, August 28. I guess a Tuesday isn’t all that bad, after all, it’s not really a day that most people have anything scheduled. It will be held in the main theater – original planning being to seat up to a hundred in the back seats with me in the cleared middle area, and the screen on the stage. I can’t imagine getting more people, and can’t say it wouldn’t be nice, but having to use the stage would be a bit of a frustration.

This will be something of a benefit for the Opera House, our way of donating. Tickets will be $10 – all of which goes to support the Opera House –  with ticket holders getting a signed copy of my The Moon has been Eaten. We’re working on having glass cases downstairs to show our extensive Rapanui carving collection, and I still have to check to see if I can hang some of my favorite framed images from the project downstairs too.

I’ll be busy for a couple of months getting the word out and, this time, expanding rather than shrinking the program. I try to make it interesting and fun – and this time I’d like the after-break time for answering questions – some of which I will try to get in advance. More information to come. After three years on the Island and 30 t 40 thousand exposures, the only problem is actually what not to include. And, arrrrgh, I just know I’m going to wind up getting a couple of new B&Ws out of the process – something I hardly need at this point (I have one in mind already). Hmm, that gives me an idea – a ticket number drawn for a framed (20x24) print to be selected by the winner from the showing downstairs. Wow, this is fun!