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First Friday in June 2018

Jun 6, 2018

I didn't get up, down and around the streets as much as usual – I'm sure a familiar story to some – I wound up stuck wearing the wrong shoes and about an hour in my feet were killing me. Put a damper on my usual pace. Then at 7 we had to (got to) take a break for an hour for the performance at the Opera House (last posting here). The picture at the top is the lead singer and guitarist from Dirty Deal Blues Band, one of the five or six groups set up in the streets this Month. Actually they were really surprisingly good. At first I didn't think I had gotten anything usable, until I played with the image a bit, OK more than a bit.

     Next, a couple of the musicians joining the ever popular, sort of "come and drum with me" circle with Cliff Giles outside Concord Point Coffee. 


The young lady below was playing street chess. Not sure about this one, keeping everything else still while catching her in motion playing "Bishop to A6".

The young lady below had a little booth selling her hand-made jewelry, at this point standing in the direct sun – ouch. I took this while sitting on the opposite curb, giving my feet a break. I liked her face and the way it was framed by the shades in the window behind her. Then I promised her a copy next First Friday. Nan wanted one of her bracelets but it kept falling off her wrist – so next month she'll be picking up one like it "youth" sized for her.

     The final shot is something of a digression. We were walking with the crowd and I noticed this scene ahead of me and just snapped the shutter.

I'm already looking forward to First Friday in July – with different shoes on!!

OH, I should mention, since we’ve now tried them all, the best street burgers on First Fridays are from Coakley’s Pub on St. John’s Street!

Havre de Grace Street page changes:

     I was so busy that I didn't notice that the Havre de Grace Street page is fast becoming almost unmanageable on this end. So I set how nineteen or twenty events to be on the first page and have everything else slide off to a page two, three, etc. New postings are added at the top so this should be easy to navigate.

     More and more subjects/targets are picking up their mounted prints – that's a good thing.


Another Short Rant:  I just don't understand…

  …performers, paid performers at that, who dress like they are unrelated attendees at a neighborhood BBQ. You might find them performing in a street event or the local Opera House, it seems to make no difference. I'm not suggesting that bands, groups, ensembles, etc. go back to the days of matching and/or fancy costumes. But some little thing to catch the eye, make the group visually memorable and make for good pictures that will be shared on line – you know, promotion – anything along those lines would be preferable to yard-sale lounge wear. Heck, it could be as simple as jeans and matching shirts, anything. Individual unique look wear would be cool. But bermuda shorts and T-shirts, what?

     Along with this the jazz ensemble images in my last posting had some awkward positioning going on. Granted, the base player was magnificent, but he spent 90% of the concert with his face placed directly behind the mic on his side of the stage – obviously the comfort of the audience in viewing wasn't a consideration at set-up. I'm sure an adjustment could have been made. At the same time, the trumpet player stood so that the drummer was at almost all times hidden behind him for much of the audience – we were seated almost dead center, back row and I had to get up and roam behind the seats to get clear views of both these guys.